WEB TOOLS10 best (working) Torrents sites in 2020

10 best (working) Torrents sites in 2020


Looking for torrents sites? Check out our list of the 10 most popular according to Alexa, and take the opportunity to download movies, series, music, software, games, and other files.

Although streaming seems to be rooted in our society, with famous services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify, torrent remains a popular option for people who want to download their movies, music, or series and access them even without the internet. In addition, these files are a no-cost alternative to DVDs, Blue-Rays, and CDs. A torrent is a useful tool that most Internet users are familiar with. It is a unique way of sharing files, but which, unfortunately, has had a negative reputation in the media.

Several torrent sites have appeared and disappeared over the years, with many of them being forced to end their work. However, there are still torrent sites that have survived and are popular. In this article, we’ll present the top 10 torrent sites in 2020.

Disclaimer: We discourage the download of copyrighted content. The following list is for informational purposes only and to search for legal content on torrent sites.

Before we proceed, please note that P2P file sharing is a legal process, as most of the shared files are protected by copyright. In the event that you download copyrighted files, you risk civil action. Such actions are directed at a group of users or individuals, according to criteria. P2P civil actions are a criminal offense and can place a burden on defendants.

In addition, your Internet service provider can release history of all your upload and download activities to copyright authors. In short, the more data you download, the more likely you are to face a lawsuit by copyright protection groups.

The 10 best Torrents sites in 2020

Below is the complete list of the top ten torrents sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

Arguably the most popular torrent site on the planet, it was founded in 2003 and is the oldest site on this list, and one of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet. He has gone through several seizures and domain closures, but each time resurging with a new web address or domain name.

The company’s premises in Stockholm were raided by the police in December 2014, in which several of its computers and equipment were seized, resulting in the closure of The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites for a period. But, as has happened on other occasions before, the site survived and returned on January 31, 2015, with a Phoenix logo, symbolizing that it had risen from the ashes.

Millions of files are available in the Pirate Bay database and they use a “Skull” system to identify files uploaded by trusted users. Users have different colored skulls displayed next to their names on the website. Each color represents a different status or class of association;

One reason the site is so popular is its speed, thanks to the abundance of seeds. Although this torrent site (and others) may be blocked in some countries, using a VPN service will resolve this issue. And if Pirate Bay goes down, we’ve prepared a list of substitutes for it, check it out!

2. 1337X

One of the most popular torrent download sites of all time, the 1337x is loved for helping millions of users find new movies to download and watch. The main 1337x domain was deindexed by Google in 2014, following complaints of copyright infringement. But your administrator told TorrentFreak that it would launch a new design, with a search box ESEM torrents list in an effort to bring them back to the results of search engines.

3. yts.mx

This torrent site is completely dedicated to movies. It has a great layout and lots of downloadable torrents. But a big advantage that yts.mx has over other torrent sites is the ease with the user’s bandwidth. It is the natural successor to the original YTS and YIFI group. YIFY’s torrents have become popular with movie geeks because of their high-quality downloads, featuring the latest Hollywood movies and series. However, those who expect to find other types of content, such as music and games, should opt for another site, since yts.mx only offers movies and series.

4. rarbg.to

Although its old-fashioned look may displease some more demanding users, the site effectively fulfills the proposal, that is, it provides torrent files in a very clean way. But be prepared to see lots of ads by clicking links on the site. Rarbg is one of the leading torrent sites available on the internet, with many categories, including Movies, Music, Software, Games, etc. Rarbg also hosts a separate web page, to show trailers of different films and programs, which can be very useful when choosing what to download. The user can also access the Top 10 lists of torrents in various categories.

5. nyaa.si

Nyaa is a very popular torrent site among anime fans for focusing on the best CJK torrent download (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). The site is famous for its huge library of East Asian anime and otaku torrents. Nyaa provides the most popular anime torrent tracker, although it does not have an index. Like Yify and The Pirate Bay, Nyaa ignores DMCA requests. This marks these best torrent sites as criminals in the eyes of the law. As such, they are pursued by anti-piracy enforcement groups, such as the RIAA and MPAA, along with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Interpol.

6. Torrentz2

This is the unofficial clone of the original Torrentz website, which ended in August 2016. During its launch, it initially indexed a total of 60 million torrent files. The original Torrentz website served as BitTorrent’s meta-search engine. It was operated by a user called Flippy, who indexed torrent files from several popular torrent sites on the internet.

In addition to indexing the files, Torrentz also compiled different crawlers for each torrent that were not initially present in the original .torrent file. This allowed other trackers to recover the charge if the standard tracker went down. Torrentz2, its unofficial clone, copied everything from the original, including its minimalist interface.


If you are looking for the latest episodes of your favorite series, this is where you will find it. EZTV is the best torrent site for series. Founded in 2005, it underwent a difficult fix in 2015, when the site was shut down due to a “hostile takeover”, but has since recovered and is under new management again. Here you can find everything from reality shows, popular series and even NASCAR races. Its interface may look like 2008, but it is easy to use and very straightforward.

8. Limetorrents

Limetorrents was founded in 2009 and acts as a torrent search engine and a directory, not a host. It does not host any files, but it does help users find links to torrent files hosted on other sites. Unlike other torrent sites, Limetorrents is familiar and does not allow users to upload or search any pornographic or adult material.

It can work as a decent alternative if some of your other favorite torrent sites are down. The user interface is easy and many of the torrents are from trusted trackers. However, the site is not without its shortcomings, as low numbers of seeds remain a problem for Limetorrents.


This torrents site is relatively new, but is rising rapidly in the ranking. In it, users can easily browse and find titles to download, thanks to the clean interface of the site, without intrusive ads. Zooqle content is mainly made up of series and movies, but it also hosts torrents related to software, games, etc.

10. Kickass Torrents

The current version of this site is a revival of the original Kickass Torrents, created by some of the former KAT employees. It comes complete with the features and appearance of its predecessor. The original website was founded in 2008 and, in November 2014, it had become the most visited torrents website on the Internet, according to the Alexa ranking. Think about how popular a torrent site must be to surpass The Pirate Bay.

KAT underwent several domain name changes, and did this regularly every six months to avoid getting caught. He was de-indexed from Google in 2013 at the request of the MPAA, and was blocked in several other countries in 2014. The United States government seized his domain in July 2016, forcing the KAT to go offline. However, former site employees reactivated it at a new address in December 2016.


There are many other popular public and private torrent sites to look for access to the best movies, music, series and software. Since Torrent sites are illegal in many countries, it is highly recommended to use a VPN before downloading. Even if you live in a country where torrent downloading is legal, you can still have problems without a VPN.

Note: We remind you that we do not encourage the illegal distribution of copyrighted files, content, data or materials using torrents or by any other means. Download only content that you own or are in the public domain, and upload only content that you have a legal right to do so.

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