GamingAll about GTA 6 - Rumors, confirmations, plot, and...

All about GTA 6 – Rumors, confirmations, plot, and more


All about GTA 6 – Rumors, confirmations, plot, and more

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming world. Here, we’re going to talk about everything we already know about Rockstar Games’ next biggest hit. All about GTA 6!

GTA 5 was a huge success for Rockstar. The game starring Michael, Franklin, and Trevor has become one of the most successful titles in the industry. If the franchise was already established, GTA 5 placed it on another level, with even more recognition. With online multiplayer, the game managed to extend its lifespan, and, nowadays, it seems to be far from over. However, although GTA online is still active and counting with many players, fans are already eagerly awaiting the next title in the franchise, after all, GTA 5 came out in 2013.

GTA 6 has not yet been officially announced, but it is already a game that moves the internet and draws players’ attention. Rumors surface leaks surface, and fans speculate and create theories about every piece of information revealed. In this article, we’ve gathered everything we know about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto, considering rumors, leaks, confirmations, and any kind of information about the game. Remember that we will always keep the article updated, so you can rest assured about the news about GTA 6… they will be here!

What do we know about GTA 6

When will it be launched

2021 has already started busy for GTA fans. On the second day of the year, Yan2295, famous for leaking information about Rockstar, stated on Twitter that the next GTA is already in development, but also said that the project is still at an early stage and therefore there is no release forecast yet…

about GTA 6

Tom Henderson also talked about GTA 6 launch

According to information from insider Tom Henderson, the new GTA will not be released until 2025. It is worth remembering that Henderson is already recognized for fixing leaks from franchises such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The story

All about GTA 6 - The plot will obviously focus on the criminal world once again.
All about GTA 6 – The plot will obviously focus on the criminal world once again.

According to some rumors, in GTA 6 players will take control of a drug dealer and rise in the criminal world. At the beginning of the journey, the main character will be a small bandit from Liberty City, but throughout the plot the criminal will gain strength and will be able to join a gang in Vice City.

There are also players who believe that the story of the next game is already over. The plot of GTA 6 would have been completed before Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games and responsible for several successful scripts, left the company. Houser, some time ago, said that the story of a new GTA would bother many people, which caused some fans to interpret that the screenwriter already knows exactly how the plot will develop, so the possibility that the story is already finished would really do sense.

vice city

All about GTA 6 - Vice City has won many fans of the franchise and may now be making a comeback.
All about GTA 6 – Vice City has won many fans of the franchise and may now be making a comeback.

Some time ago a report by The Know mentioned that GTA 6 would return from Vice City. After that, the rumor gained traction and many players began to consider that this would really come to fruition.

Liberty City and San Andreas have already appeared in the most recent titles in the franchise, which could mean it’s time for Vice City to appear again as well, as the city is loved by many fans. In addition, Yan2295, the same Insider who claimed the title was already in development, also said he had gained access to a letter from Rockstar Games that featured a request to inspect a Florida property for inspiration. Florida is the state where Miami is located, the city where developers were inspired to create Vice City.

Recently, Rockstar Games secured the gtavicecityonline dominance, making gamers even more hopeful that the city returns.

Tom Henderson also confirms Vice City and says the map will be constantly changing

Insider Tom Henderson also stated that Vice City will be present in the new GTA.

According to Henderson, the game will be set in an updated version of the famous city. Furthermore, it has also been stated that the game’s map will have a system similar to Fortnite, being constantly changing.

female character

In early January, a rumor surfaced that nominated a female lead for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. On Twitter, insider Tom Henderson, known for leaking Call of Duty, said that, for the first time in the franchise’s history, the game will have a female protagonist and another male protagonist.

If the insider is right, GTA will again feature different protagonists that can be used by players at any time.

Americas Project

On Reddit, user JackO’Lantern 982 released information that indicated the game’s plot, as well as locations where the title would take place, revealing the title Project Americas. This is how the rumor emerged about the story showing the rise of a petty criminal. According to the Reddit user, players will need to travel frequently between two cities, in addition to passing through various fields and highways. JackOLantern1982 also stated that the game will be set in different decades, thus showing the evolution of the character and how he manages to become a major criminal.

The two cities in question would be Vice City and another unprecedented place in the franchise that would be located in South America. The supposed new city would be inspired by Rio de Janeiro.

The rumor became known, but after some time the user deleted his post.

New NPC Technology

Recently, Take-Two, owner of Rockstar Games, registered a patent for a new system with connection to NPCs, more precisely in traffic.

The new transit system serves to manage the navigation of NPCs, directly influencing the behavior and also the paths of vehicles. The System and Method for Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment was developed by Simon Parr, head of AI programming, and David Hyn, associate director of technology at Rockstar.

The system, registered in October 2020, is expected to create a more realistic world without hardware or software limitations. The system should make it possible to perceive more realistic traffic of cars and even boats, with drivers exhibiting an interesting behavior that provides more immersion.

With the system, NPCs must define their own routes and trajectories, taking into account the understanding of acceleration, speeds needed to perform turns, maximum speeds, and still other characteristics.

There is a possibility that this system was created to be used in GTA 6, but it was also said that it is used for “browsing and managing virtual objects in a multiplayer gaming community”. So, it’s also possible that the system was created for improvements in GTA Online, something that doesn’t seem so likely with a new title being theoretically getting closer.

There is also the possibility that this was designed for the next GTA Online, and could also be used for the main campaign.

Bully 2 canceled for Rockstar to focus on GTA 6

Insider Tez2 said the new GTA has been in development since 2015, but saw the project’s pace slow in 2017 so there was a greater focus on Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018, and Bully 2.

With this, Rockstar would have decided that the ideal would be to cancel Bully 2, thus starting to focus only on the Western franchise and Grand Theft Auto. On Reddit, Yan2295 confirmed Tez2’s information.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dialogue System

There is a strong possibility that the new GTA will present a dialogue system with NPCs similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. This will give more immersion to the title and will allow players to have even more freedom, with the possibility to interact directly with NPCs.

In addition, it is possible that NPCs also react according to the player’s actions and status, making comments in various situations.

Many characters in the plot

In his many claims about GTA 6, insider Tom Henderson also said that the new franchise title will have a lot of characters.

In addition, Henderson, who also confirmed a female character as the protagonist, also said that the game will have a woman with a lot of technological knowledge.

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All about GTA 6 – Rumors, confirmations, plot, and more

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming world. Here, we're going to talk about everything we already know about Rockstar Games' next biggest hit. All about GTA 6!

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