Tricks5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC's...

5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM


5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM

If you are having problems with a slow computer, perhaps the first thing to think about is to insert more RAM. However, before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM, look at other possibilities.

The amount of random access memory (RAM) on your PC may or may not be the biggest bottleneck on the machine. But more RAM is likely to speed up your PC, and it is easier to install than an SSD. However, it is not always the case to install more RAM. There are other factors to consider, and we’ll talk about them here.

5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM

1. Check for RAM bottlenecks

If the lack of RAM is the source of your problems, you should be able to figure this out by checking your system’s performance.

To do this:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Windows 10 Task Manager;
  2. Click on “More details” to open the advanced view;
  3. Click on the “Performance” tab;
  4. Then click on “Memory”.
  5. Now, use your PC normally, while keeping an eye on the task manager.
5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PCs RAM
5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM – Task Manager> Services> Memory Performance

When you experience a slowdown, check the “In Use” and “Available” sections on the graph that shows RAM usage. If you notice that RAM is still available, RAM is probably not the problem. However, if it reaches its maximum during each slowdown, more RAM can improve your computer’s performance.

2. Is XMP enabled?

DIY desktop PC manufacturers may not be maximizing the performance capabilities of their current RAM. Most people who build their own PCs have probably already done so.

In the motherboard BIOS settings, you can activate something called eXtreme Memory Profile (XMP). If your PC has an AMD processor, you can see DOCP.

XMP is an Intel technology that is apparently an overclocking tool. However, if you just plug it into the BIOS without adjusting any of the manual settings, it will allow the RAM to run at the speed for which it was evaluated, rather than the slower standard.

3. Check the RAM frequency

Upgrading your PC’s RAM is not as simple as changing the storage or graphics card. You have to choose the right type (the version for modern motherboards is DDR 3 or DDR4), and your speed has to be compatible with your computer’s motherboard.

In addition, if you are maintaining a RAM module and adding another one, they must have the same speeds. Even so, some people prefer to use two identical RAM sticks, instead of mixing and matching, just to be sure. Be sure to check your computer’s RAM frequency to determine how big an upgrade will be.

When it comes to actual speeds, if your PC’s RAM is a lower speed, such as 2,400 MHz, upgrading to 3,000 MHz or higher should result in noticeable performance improvements.

However, if you are already using 3,000 MHz, the faster RAM performance increase may not be as noticeable. This will vary depending on your specific PC and how you use it.

4. Swap the hard drive for an SSD instead of RAM

If the RAM bottleneck is not the problem, you have a few other options. Option number one is to upgrade to an SSD if your PC still has an HD. Even if you increase the RAM, there is simply no better upgrade for a PC than upgrading it from a hard drive to an SSD.

Even an older SATA III SSD will provide a noticeable increase in response times and overall performance. If the motherboard accepts NVMe drives, the performance improvements will be even more noticeable.

Don’t throw away your old hard drive – you can use it as secondary storage if your PC still has space for it. You can also put it in an external hard drive enclosure and use it that way (after copying your personal files and reformatting, of course).HARDWAREHD or SSD? Both. See how to use them together on your computer

5. Check the CPU and GPU

If you come to the conclusion that RAM really isn’t the problem, and the SSD upgrade has already been done, it may be time to upgrade your CPU or GPU, or perhaps buy a new computer.

To get an idea of ​​how your CPU is performing, you can follow the same steps we talked about above, in checking RAM bottlenecks. This time, note the CPU usage in the Task Manager.

5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PCs RAM
5 things to consider before upgrading your Windows PC’s RAM – Task Manager> Services> CPU performance

Does the CPU often peak when you have multiple programs open or during games? Be sure to try some games, and see if that happens before blaming the CPU, as some games depend on the processor more than others.

If you don’t have the money to upgrade your equipment, then for now, just be aware of your system’s restrictions. For example, don’t use too many programs simultaneously – before playing, turn off all background processes you can.

Now, if the CPU is not the problem, then check the GPU, especially if yours is at the lower limit of the game’s minimum specifications. Of course, after obtaining a new GPU, this can result in a CPU bottleneck, which means that you will need to test again.

Another alternative for those with little money is to try to overclock the components to extract a little more performance from them. However, this poses risks, including voiding the warranty, consuming more power and potentially reducing the life of the CPU and GPU.

Still, for an older PC, where your choice is to overclock or buy a new PC, overclocking is a kind of built-in upgrade, and may be the best choice.

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