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    Best 9 off road GPS apps for android and ios iPhone


    Driving or cycling off-road is a brilliant experience, however, getting lost inside the wilderness is not so great. This is exactly why anyone thinking about going off-roading has to take one of the tremendous off road GPS apps maps for Android or IOS together with them.

    One of the most vital capabilities of any off road gps app is its availability offline. Usually, even as you go off the street, there’s a high chance you won’t get any reliable service. That is actual wherever you go across the globe, unfortunately.

    However, when you have already downloaded one of the first-rate offline map apps for Android or IOS you won’t have quite a few a problem. Combine that with one of the specific off avenue map apps and you may be in safe hands.

    Best off road gps app for android 

    All-In-One Offline Maps

    While different off road gps apps handiest provide one sort of map for you to use, All-In-One Offline Maps is going all in and gives more than one distinct maps. The app comes with the classic road maps however then also gives particular topographical as well as satellite ones.

    All-In-One Offline Maps Best off road GPS apps for android and ios iPhone

    The satisfactory component of this outstanding off-avenue map app for Android is its potential to download all forms of maps on your device. This makes the maps available completely, even whilst you don’t have an active net connection.

    The app is also able to add greater layers on top of the usual maps to make you enjoy personal.

    If you want, you can even stack maps from a couple of resources over every other. The app gives opacity controls so that you can peek through a map and get the information you want.

    All-In-One Offline Map Best off road GPS apps for android and ios iPhone

    I also clearly like how the app surely suggests how much storage space is getting used to store the downloaded maps, this makes it less difficult to free storage.

    ViewRanger – Hiking Trails & Bike Rides

    ViewRanger is one of the best off road gps apps available on the market. Although it can be used for off-road driving, it is based more on off-road bike tracks. ViewRanger helps you to quickly access and navigate topographic maps, without worrying about getting lost. 

    ViewRanger Best off road GPS apps for android and ios iPhone

    The app works flawlessly offline and doesn’t misguide you at any factor. In case you want to head off-roading in your bicycle, ViewRanger is the perfect choice you could make. 

    You may get free global maps that consist of road maps, terrain maps in addition to satellite tv for pc pics, so you can plan your ride as it should be.

    The app also offers some premium features which you’ll access by getting upgrading to the professional version. which will allow you to access USA topographical maps, USGS Topo, USA Land Cover, and USA Slopes. you’ll also receive premium topographical maps.

    BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

    BackCountry has been around for a long time and still today it offers the same experience. I checked the software nearly 3 years ago and it’s still just as successful as it was then. Since the last time I tested it, the interface hasn’t changed. It was OK back then but today’s standards outdate it.

    If you can see beyond the weaknesses in the architecture, BackCountry provides you with excellent topographical navigational maps to use. 

    You just have to access the maps you need and that’s it. When you drive off-road, the app can use your device’s GPS to provide precise guidance.

    The main challenge is the selection of the region, which is still a chore. One obstacle would be that the software isn’t free. The one-time charge for the pro edition is very fair if you are going off-roading a lot. but if you only go sometimes, there are other off road gps applications that you can use for free.

    Polaris GPS Navigation

    Polaris GPS Navigation is one of those off road gps applications you should get even when you don’t want to go off-road. 

    The app provides a wide variety of features that are nearly key to getting off the road. With this app by your hands, you can navigate through thick forests and float over water without worries.

    The compass in this app is excellent, and the app provides a slew of compass screen detail. The app gives you a ton of information from latitude to longitude, from real heading to magnetic heading, and from altitude to distance, without being daunting. 

    Polaris GPS Navigation Best off road GPS apps for android and ios iPhone

    You’ll love the ability to download maps of a particular area. All you need to do is pick the region, and the rest will be taken care of by the app. 

    Polaris GPS Navigation also provides discovery of the backcountry exploration, hunting charts, mountain biking routes, compass direction, geocache, and a trail log. 

    All of this is available for free, making Polaris GPS Navigation a must-have app by itself.

    Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Topo Maps, Hike App

    Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Topo Maps, Hike App

    If you’re searching for a GPS off road gps app that’s easy and clear, then Gaia GPS is one of the best available. By looking at the maps and assessing the routes, and taking a well-judged decision, you can quickly schedule your off-road trips.

    The app comes with incredibly easy-to-read maps and can be saved for offline use on your smartphone too. Gaia GPS is packed with advanced map devices that allow you to deploy waypoints, document tracks and even take geo-tagged images while driving.

    You would be able to build paths, render fields, arrange and exchange files easily by using the resources offered. The app also comes with a search feature that shows hiking trails, natural landmarks, parks, and addresses to discover for you.

    Best off road gps app for android and ios iPhone

    Memory Maps

    The Memory Map (referred to as MM from now on) software program is unfastened to download. In what seems to be an exchange from preceding releases, the new edition is international.

    The previous variations of MM had a European Edition to guide Ordnance Survey (OS) maps, but this state-of-the-art version is just “Memory Map”. For the ones outsides of the UK; Ordnance Survey maps are the ones typically used by hikers and walkers on this country.

    The preceding versions of this guide stated both v5 and v6 software program, however in the latest months MM has eliminated the download hyperlinks for the v5 software, so unless you downloaded it when it was to be had and saved the installer, you are quite a lot stuck with v6.

    For most users, this isn’t a problem, in particular new users, but for everybody who spent years using v5 of the product, there are some big differences and it is able to be hard to transition to the cutting-edge version.

    Memory Maps Best off road GPS apps for ios iPhone

    The MM software itself is provided unfastened, but it’s definitely no use whatsoever without a few maps. You can download a few sample maps free of charge from the identical download area as the software program, but not anything usable of the route.

    So what do we purchase? The solution is the maps. You purchase a proper to use, on a restrained basis, the various maps available (along with the OS 1:25k and 1:50k for UK walkers). Depending on what scale maps you need and how a good deal area you need will determine how much the “software program” as a whole fee you.

    The OS maps for MM can typically be located everywhere, both on-line and in the high road out of doors shops, or indeed direct from MM themselves. Prices vary wildly of the path and the first-class recommendation is to keep around. 

    I tend to buy from Amazon unless I see a particular bargain in some other place on a map I currently want. Once you buy a map you’ve got a license key for the MM software program and future map purchases are related to this license.

    There are two forms of MM maps – QCT maps and QC3 maps. Both kinds work with MM v5 and both types will work with MM v6, but you will need to purchase an additional license to use the QCT maps with the new version.

    In the beyond a couple of years charges of virtual OS, maps have plummeted, so it’s a good deal, tons cheaper to shop for large areas of distinct mapping than it was. For example, after I first commenced the usage of MM in 2005 it’d have value over £3000 to shop for all the UK 1:25k scale OS maps. You can now buy them for under £100 (relying on the media you select). 

    The new maps are a lot better high-quality too, using a miles better resolution than formerly and allowing a far nearer zoom without the photo being unusably blurry.

    Maps may be bought through Memory Map’s personal Digital Map Store (DMS), but to be honest, if you’re going to shop for the entire of the UK, get it on a USB Memory stick – it will save you a 30Gb download!

    Avenza Maps – Offline Mapping

    Available as a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows, Avenza Maps serves as a portal to the Avenza Map Store, which is filled with hundreds of various maps that are available to buy for a nominal fee.

    Those maps were created by professional cartographers, surveyors, and groups like National Geographic and the U.S. Forest Service. Many are even specialized for use in national parks, trekking trails, and other recreational regions across the world.

    The Avenza app uses your mobile tool’s built-in GPS competencies to locate your modern-day location and endorse maps that are relevant to that particular place.

    Avenza Maps - Offline Mapping Best off road GPS apps for ios iPhone

    You also can search the shop to discover maps for a destiny destination and have them downloaded and stored for your phone earlier than you arrive.

    The maps are stored on your device and feature the potential to have interaction with all the functions of the app, even while offline. Those functions include being capable of using the device’s GPS capabilities to locate your contemporary region, tune your motion in real-time throughout the map, and drop waypoints — complete with custom names and notes.

    This of road gps app can also offer the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of any vicinity on the map and might as it should be measure distances and areas too.

    Hema Explorer App

    The user interface is simple and intuitive.  When zooming in and out the maps render quickly and smoothly – making the App a pleasure to use. Creating a route prior to a trip, as well as tracking the path you end up driving, are both easily done.

    Hema Explorer App Best off road GPS apps for ios iPhone

    The PRO membership gives you a greater zoom detail as well as access to additional maps created or licensed by Hema. The standard off road gps App is a great start and more than enough for many areas.

    The specialist map layers available include Geoscience 250k, The Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks, Cape York & Fraser Island. The new Hema Explorer Map has excellent detail in most areas, so there is less need to scroll between maps. Running one map on the iPad and another on the iPhone works well if u are looking for more detail.

    Routes can be planned on your device or on the Hema Explorer Cloud on your computer and synced across. It’s also really easy to track your journey and geotag photos along the way. When your back home you have the option of synching your trip and photos with the Hema Explorer Cloud to share with your friends.

    Mud Map

    Mud Map Best off road GPS apps for ios iPhone

    This crew couldn’t be any more of a contradiction to Hema Maps. They’re new, and there’s not a lot of information about them — based in Victoria, owned by some company called equips solutions. The company itself has been around since 2003, but the business name it trades under has only been around since 2010. You’ll struggle to find an address or a phone number.

    There’s for sure some weirdness and a specific effort to hide a bunch of information on who they are, and where you find them. It makes me wonder.

    The other main difference is that they are a technology-first company they’re not mapmakers turned technologists. I see both as a good thing and a bad thing. 

    It could mean their app has more features, might be easier to use, but without the history in mapping, they might not understand what’s important to us navigators. Hard to tell on that one as the world’s most comprehensive app is pointless if people can’t figure out how to use it.

    in the end, all I can say is those off road GPS apps are really good

    the choice is dependent on your goals and how you gonna use the app, So if you have any questions or wont to know about any app feel free to mention it in a comment. also, you can see other articles just click here.

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