Tricks Do you use the same password for all websites...

Do you use the same password for all websites and applications?


Do you use the same password for all websites and applications?

A new application, a new password. It is practically impossible to decorate an access code for each online tool, so it ended up becoming a common practice to use the same sequence for everything or maybe three or four that are reused among all these services. It is not safe, but I confess that I have done this in the past.

The problem is that if a person with malicious intent discovers the password for any of the applications and websites you use, he gains immediate access to the other services – and unlocking a passkey can be easier than you think. In a quick search, you can find out your favorite football team, your date of birth and your family members and other preferences … all of which can be used as ammunition to crack a password. This means that any personal reference in these codes should be avoided.

It is also useless to create a password without any personal relationship and easy to remember if it is extremely common, short, and simple. See some examples of access codes and how long it would take to crack them, according to How Secure Is My Password? :

  • car: 300 microseconds
  • Car: 10 milliseconds
  • Red: 22 minutes
  • Red car: 16 thousand years
  • EuTenho1CarRed: 35 quintillion years 
Do you use the same password for all websites and applications
Do you use the same password for all websites and applications

This means that longer and more complex passwords (with uppercase, lowercase and numbers) are stronger. But the longer and more complex they are, the more so considering the use of a single one per application or website, the more difficult it will be to remember them all. This is where password safes come in.

Password Vault

The concept of a password safe is quite simple: a complex code that you memorize is used to open the safe in which there are long, complex and unique keys for each service. These apps can also generate random options so you don’t have to worry about it. One of them looks something like this:

  • jiSXq9EV @ b9mh9Y68k & x * HYREXMvgeqztx% ZmxJdJdJrPBBDKKDfWs ^ SdEAh5UicAECmRoZbQmJaJ7! # h6 ^ 24xnnSlnq39zI2Yv

It would take more than 4 trillion fiftieth years to break it.

The obvious problem with a password vault is that all your records are in one place. It’s hard to trust, isn’t it? However, it is important to know that most services undergo external audits to verify security policies. This means that the risk of a safe leaking codes is considerably less than that of any service doing so. And then, if your passwords are repeated, you run a very high risk in any type of exposure.


Here are some suggestions for the most used password vault:

  • 1Password
    • One of the best known on the market
    • $ 2.99 / month
  • LastPass
    • One of the oldest
    • Free option available
  • Bitwarden
    • A newer option
    • Free
  • Dashlane
    • Another more traditional service
    • Free option available
  • KeePassXC
    • The safe is managed by you, without having to rely on third parties
    • Free, open-source

For those who are going to use a password vault for the first time, I recommend that you start slowly. After installing, it is not necessary to migrate all accesses. Start by registering new applications and websites and get used to the idea and experience of using the service.

Another cool suggestion is to download the free app called Trend Micro ™ ID Security, available for Android and iOS. Trend Micro maintains a database with information about leaks that it detects online and on the deep web, checking if its information has been published in the past. In addition, if a leak occurs, you receive a notification.

Do you have suggestions for the next topic in this column? Comment.

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