NewsFortnite: Epic Games postpones The Device event to 6/15...

Fortnite: Epic Games postpones The Device event to 6/15 and season 3 to 6/17


Epic Games decides to postpone The Device event and launch the third season of Fortnite. Understand why the game developer made this decision.

Recently Epic Games, due to the recent protests against police violence against blacks (episode of George Floid’s murder), decided to postpone its event and launch plans. There was also the same attitude on the part of other companies in the games industry, such as Sony, postponing their PS5 game demonstration event, and CD Projekt Red studio, postponing the live stream of Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire.

The Fortnite developer says:

“We are deeply aware of the suffering that our friends, families, teammates, players and communities are experiencing right now. We believe in justice and equality, in diversity and inclusion, and these principles are above politics.”

Although Fortnite players and game developers are looking forward to more content related to the title, the game studio needs to put the most important thing on the scales and without a doubt it is necessary to pause for reflection on ourselves, our families and in our communities.

With the above in mind, the Fortnite developers decided to postpone The Device event until June 15th (Monday) and the third season’s premiere until June 17th (Wednesday).

Last day for PS Plus subscribers received exclusive Fortnite skin

The new skin has been available since April 14 for all PS Plus users. Players of the title developed by Epic Games have until today to collect and finish all the challenges and exclusives of the third season. So, if you didn’t, run!

What do you think of the decision made by Epic Games and other companies in the gaming industry? Comment below and share your opinion with us!

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