NewsFacebook presents "Facebook Shops", an online store to sell...

Facebook presents “Facebook Shops”, an online store to sell on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


Facebook has just announced Facebook Shops, new functionality that will allow stores to sell their products through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

As reported by Business Insider, the company of Mark Zuckerberg has been accelerating the development of the integration of third-party stores on its Facebook platform, to offer businesses another channel to market their products in these difficult times, which will compete with Amazon, Etsy and Similar.

With this new tool, businesses will be able to advertise the products they have for sale through the company’s social networks, which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp . Here we can see some examples :

Facebook presents Shops, an online store to sell on Facebook
Facebook Shops

Facebook is going to launch two initiatives. On the one hand, Facebook Shops , which is already available , and on the other, Instagram Shop , which will arrive this summer.

Stores on Facebook allows any business, from a small business to a global brand, to sell its products through Facebook . Through a series of simple templates and tools it will be possible to create an online store and add the business catalog in a few minutes. This store is associated with a Facebook business account.

Customers can access the store through their Facebook page, the new Facebook Shops platform , or directly from the Stories or advertisements.

It will be possible to contact the business through WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct , to answer questions and other questions. At first it will only be possible to buy from the store page, but in the future Facebook will allow to buy directly from a WhatsApp chat, for example.

Facebook Shops, an online store to sell on Instagram and WhatsApp

As we have mentioned, in summer Instagram Store will debut , a new way to buy through Instagram Explore.

A new section Stores on Instagram will appear in the navigation bar, which will give access to the products, collections and catalogs of your favorite creators and Instagram firms.

In addition, Facebook will release a functionality that allows you to insert products from your store into Facebook and Instagram live videos . These products will appear below the video, even while you’re streaming live. Viewers will simply have to tap on them to buy them.

The initiative is part of the change in direction of the company, increasingly focused on e-commerce as an additional way to increase revenue, beyond advertising.

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