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Facebook: the trick that lets you know who visited your profile, is it real?


Many of us would like to know who has visited our Facebook profile and on the Internet is a trick for this, but is it real?

One of the functions that everyone wants most on Facebook is to be able to see who has seen our profile. And there is information on the Internet that ensures that we can see who visited our profile, but is that true?

A common mistake

The information that is around the Internet that ensures that you can see who has visited your profile tells you that you can do it from the source code of your profile . Accordingly, the first thing you should do is use Facebook from a desktop or laptop.

To be able to do that, you just have to enter your own profile and right-click anywhere on the screen that has no links. In the options you will see “View Page Source” and when you select it, you will see a huge code that opens in another tab.

Now what you should do is press Ctrl + F (command + F on Mac) to open a word search in your browser. In that search engine, you should search for the word “Friendslist” and with that you will be able to see the codes of your friends who visit you, always followed by a “-2” and, according to what is said, you should only paste the numbers before the – 2 and paste it next to the address “” but this is not true.

You can try if you want, but there are a couple of problems with all of this. The first thing is that this trick no longer works in this 2020, surely just to prevent people from trying to do it . So if you are looking for Friendslist or any other variant of this, nothing will appear in the search engine.

But that’s not all, this “trick” does not make its promise, it only shows your friends that you have additions and nothing else. So it is better not to try. Not because it’s dangerous, it’s not good because you’re going to waste your time.

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