How To five tricks to improve the speed of your internet

five tricks to improve the speed of your internet


If your internet doesn’t seem to be working the right way, then here are 5 tricks that can help speed up.

The internet is very important for all of us and more when we need to work from home. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to tell you how to improve Internet speed in your home .

Bring the computer closer to the modem

If you are connected from a computer that needs a great Internet connection, be it to upload files, download them or play online, the best thing you can do is get this close to the modem as much as possible .

This also involves trying to remove anything that can stop the signal, such as walls or furniture . Closer is always better.

Use a cable

An important thing to do is use an ethernet cable that can help you have a direct connection to the modem. This way you will avoid the problems that a wireless connection normally has and you will be able to enjoy greater speed and stability.

This works with desktops and video game consoles. So make sure you have a Category 5 or 6 ethernet cable, which is best for home.

Turn off cable TV

Believe it or not, leaving the equipment that offers cable TV on is a problem for the quality of connection. This occurs because this equipment is also connected to the modem and uses its resources .

Obviously this only works in case you have a television service. So the best thing is to disconnect the equipment and when you go to use the Internet and connect it again if you are going to watch TV .

Disconnect non-important equipment

Yes, sometimes we like to have everything connected at the same time, but it is not always a good idea. Many times we don’t even know how many computers are connected to the modem. So it is important to enter the website of the company with which we have contracted our service and see if there are no people hanging from our network .

A good tip: make sure that your Smart TV is not connected to WiFi, as it uses many resources without notifying anything and most of these are updated at the most inopportune moments . Sure, this works if you are not using TV to watch Netflix or YouTube.

Clean your modem

It happens to us that we have a device that stops working correctly and we simply do not know the reason. Many times that reason is the dust accumulated inside, which, believe it or not, can affect electronic devices .

The same goes for your modem, and the best thing you can do is clean it inside and out. Just make sure you don’t damage the device or open it. Use a vacuum cleaner if necessary to remove all dust, but be careful not to do so while connected .

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