NewsGalaxy A51 gets an update with S20 line camera...

Galaxy A51 gets an update with S20 line camera features


Galaxy A51 gets an update with S20 line camera features

The Galaxy A51, one of Samsung’s best-selling intermediaries, has gained several camera features from the S20 line. Check out what news has been implemented.

The Galaxy A51, Samsung’s intermediary introduced in December 2019, is getting an important update. This time, the South Korean giant decided to release several camera features of the Galaxy S20 line, improving the user experience.

The update’s changelog reveals that three new features have been implemented: Single Take, custom filters, and Night Hyperlapse. This update, which includes the firmware versions “A515FXXU3BTF4”, “A515FOLM3BTE8” and “A515FXXU3BTE7”, also delivers the June security patch and weighs around 336MB.

Galaxy A51 gets an update with S20 line camera features
Galaxy A51 gets an update with S20 line camera features

Discover the features

With Single Take enabled, the smartphone records a short video and then uses artificial intelligence to suggest a series of photos, GIFs, and short videos that can be shared on social networks. An interesting point is the gallery of the device groups these files to facilitate the user’s search.

As for custom filters, the operation is very simple: the interface can extract temperature, striking colors and other aspects of images already captured, creating a kind of mask that can be applied to new photos.

Finally, the H yperlapse Night considerably improves the quality of accelerated videos, delivering good results in low light and reducing the amount of noise.

Can I upgrade now?

At the moment, the update is available via OTA only in Malaysia, but if no critical errors are detected by Samsung during the initial distribution phase, a broader rollout reaching other countries should happen in the next few days or weeks. So stay tuned for system notifications.

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