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    The Galaxy Chromebook has a problem with its battery life, and it is working on a patch


    Samsung has admitted that the Galaxy Chromebook that launched a few months ago has a battery problem, making it last less than what was advertised when the device was originally announced.

    Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is one of the most beautiful devices on the market, but unfortunately, its battery has not lived up to it, a fact that many of its first buyers have been complaining about. What is not in doubt is that the battery life of the Galaxy Chromebook is lower than the average of Chromebooks and the latest information ensures that Samsung is fully aware of these battery durability problems and that it is already working on a solution.

    The company is already working closely with Google, those responsible for ChromeOS, to find out the reason for the low battery performance and to be able to do something about it through a future update.

    At the moment it is unknown how Google and Samsung are going to solve this problem of battery life, much less when it will be implemented for all users through a software update. They comment that Samsung has as “high priority” the resolution of this problem. For consumers, the battery has always been one of the main points taken into account to repeat with a brand.

    It is suggested that some of the changes that are being worked on in ChromeOS for this device is that those of Mountain View could be introducing a new power regulator that would limit the performance of the CPU when the system needed it.

    The Galaxy Chromebook, which was introduced at the beginning of the year, stands out for having a red aluminum body, a 4K Super AMOLED touch screen with DisplayHDR 400, and obviously a touch pen.

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