GoogleGoogle boosts Chromebooks in Europe with a renewed but...

Google boosts Chromebooks in Europe with a renewed but incomplete offer


Not too many Chromebooks are seen in Europe, but that is something that Google wants to remedy: the company has announced a renewed offer of models that in the coming weeks will be available through more distributors (Google boosts Chromebooks in Europe).

The idea is to promote the use of equipment that has been gaining benefits, almost always maintaining a profile of affordable prices. Chrome OS is a very interesting alternative for various scenarios such as education, although the offer at the moment will not include some of the most striking models with an operating system that has not made much noise lately.

Chrome OS is still a valid bet

When Google launched Chrome OS, it did so with a singular idea: to focus the entire experience on the Chrome browser . Much of the time we are at the computer is spent in a browser with which we connect to web services and applications.

The Mountain View company took advantage of that reality to launch an easy-to-use and share platform that stood out for its quick start, its background updates or its security concept , inherited from that sandboxing that had already given very good results in Chrome. Even Microsoft adapted it a few months ago to take advantage of that concept of process isolation.

In recent years we have seen notable improvements such as the support of Android applications and the Google Play store or access to a Linux terminal that can be useful to developers.

Updates are frequent, although there are usually no major revolutions and rather improvements that gradually polish what was already there, an approach that benefits in addition to background updates that are transparent to the user and “do not disturb”.

What those responsible for Google wanted to highlight when announcing this new initiative was that ability of Chromebooks to work both online and offline : Chrome OS allows you to use various applications (such as office automation) with the focus of traditional Windows 10-based teams. o macOS: not working connected is perfectly possible, although certainly the focus of Chromebooks is to take advantage of these services and web and Android applications.

A renewed but incomplete hardware offer

The hardware offer is being renewed, but it does so much more timidly than what happens with Windows 10-based laptops. Google itself has not renewed its famous high-end Pixelbook for years, those machines that went one step further to when competing with more powerful laptops.

Google boosts Chromebooks in Europe with a renewed but incomplete offer 2020

The witness was taken this year by Samsung with a truly remarkable Galaxy Chromebook. In recent days we have seen how Lenovo launched its Chromebook Duet in the United States with a modest, great “Surface Pro” format and a price of $ 279 that actually included the keyboard. Google did launch a mid-range model, the Pixelbook Go, in October 2019. None of these especially notable models will be available in our country at the moment.

Even so, Google will renew the offer of Chromebooks available with different formats: from pure laptops to convertibles, in an offer that covers screen diagonals that go from 11 to 15.6 inches and with prices that start from 299 euros.

These new devices, Google noted, often incorporate more memory, Intel Core processors and more storage capacity , a traditional demand from users despite the fact that these devices are used much more online than offline.

The teams will begin to reach more distributors these days than ever so that users can easily find them, although not all of the image will do so at the same time: they will gradually reach the market and will be fully available in the coming weeks.

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