Apps Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling

    Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling


    Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling

    A feature called “Verified Calls” came to the Google Phone app. This feature shows why Google-approved companies are looking for users. If a user receives a call under this feature, the caller will be able to see the company’s name, logo, and reason for the call without answering the call.

    ” Google Phone “, one of the popular mobile applications of the US based technology giant Google , allows users to call each other as can be understood from its name. The application, which is not satisfied with this much, also comes to the fore with its features such as scanning automatic calls and filtering spam calls . Now, Google Phone users have a feature that will significantly improve their experience.

    According to the statements made by Google, the Google Phone app now has a feature called ” Verified Calls “. This feature allows you to be aware of why a business is calling you without answering the call. In other words, if the incoming call is for promotional purposes or with a payment you have forgotten, you can find out without answering the call. In short, you can now easily follow who is calling you and why .

    You can learn why a business calls you without answering the call

    The Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling
    The Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling

    It is obvious that the Verified Calls feature is very effective. However, this feature will only be available for businesses approved by Google . That is, if a company has met all of the terms Google offers and has received the necessary approval, searches from that company will be covered under Verified Searches. When a user receives a call from an approved business , they can easily see the company’s logo , name, and the reason for the call.

    Verified Searches feature a system that works instantly , according to Google’s comments . After a company transfers search related information to Google servers, this information will be transferred to the user along with the search. Google servers will delete the search information from the company after the search ends. However, there seems to be no way to disable this feature. Google may not yet offer the setting that disables the Verified Searches feature.

    The Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling
    The Google Phone App Now Shows Why Businesses Are Calling

    Calls from businesses are often annoying. These searches, which are mostly for promotional purposes , cause tens of minutes to be wasted and may cause unwanted events from time to time. The new feature of Google Phone, although it has an elimination effect, may be that it does not satisfy the users because it works with a limited business group .

    Finally, it should be reminded that the support status of the Google Phone application is also very limited. However, Google supports this app on very few devices, but if you still want to know if the Google Phone app is supported on your phone, you can check our news here.

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