How ToTips on how to CHARGE your MOBILE phone RIGHT

Tips on how to CHARGE your MOBILE phone RIGHT


Tips on how to CHARGE the MOBILE phone RIGHT

Your smartphone’s recharging habit can determine how long the battery works properly. See tips on how to CHARGE your MOBILE to increase the service life and preserve the time of the connected phone.

In 2018 I wrote the article Myths and tips about smartphone batteries, at the time I asked some manufacturers to send the best ways for people to deal with charging and discharging batteries, since then some things have changed since then.

We decided to redo this article, so I kindly ask you to read (in the post) and also share it with your friends, especially those who complain about the smartphone battery.

How do I charge my smartphone properly?

We started this article saying that no matter what you do, the smartphone battery will degrade, no matter how you use or charge it, it will degrade. Now, there are discharge habits and especially charging that decrease battery life even faster. These habits, I want you to change and, I sincerely hope to try to help prolong, if not your current smartphone, the next one.

Tips on how to CHARGE your MOBILE phone RIGHT
Tips on how to CHARGE your MOBILE phone RIGHT

How do manufacturers behave when charging smartphones?

You noticed that in the last few years, porters have gotten faster and faster. It has 4000 mAh smartphones that take 1:20 or even less to complete the charge. Chargers today are concerned with pushing charges faster when the battery is discharged. This is normal, the idea here is to try to give the maximum life of the smartphone to you as soon as possible. When the battery reaches about 75 to 80%, the cell phone asks for less energy for the charger, in order to mainly avoid overheating and charge cycles, I’ll talk more about them in the next topic.

In theory, this 80% of the total would be able to support a full day of use, at least that is the behavior when you buy the smartphone. Remember him brand new? The battery wasn’t a problem, right?

Do load cycles matter?

Cycle is a number used by battery manufacturers to determine how much they lose their life, a cycle means a complete charge and discharge. The battery, when new, has a capacity, after a certain time, that capacity begins to decrease. Through load cycles, manufacturers try to determine how much capacity has been lost.

According to companies that produce batteries, the complete cycles, those ranging from 100 to 0%, are one of the factors that contribute to deteriorate the battery. Therefore, avoiding cycles is a way of predicting their excessive wear.

How to charge the device?

So, if the idea is not to fully charge, how do you do to power your smartphone? Then the manufacturers come in, we ask them how best to charge the smartphone.

ASUS said that occur more wear making cycles from 0 to 100%. When a phone reaches 100% and keeps the charger connected, it will again send power as soon as the battery reaches 95%, so ideally when the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger. The new Zenfones from 5, use artificial intelligence to predict these small charges and discharges, based on the user’s habit the Zenfone will adjust the charge according to the user’s schedules. Just enable Battery Care in battery settings.

Huawei announces to use the brand boots with stable voltage. Avoid using the phone while charging, so that it does not overheat due to power consumption.

LG tells users to avoid downloading of 20% and above 80% as a base. This helps in the faster shortening of the service life.

Motorola is different from other reports in that the user can either use the battery until the end, leaving as connected after fully charging. It complements that each user has a habit and the lifespan will depend on that habit. It ends by saying: for better use of the smartphone, it is valid to charge the device when it has a low battery, going up to 100% charge.

Samsung declined to participate, he said the spokesman was on vacation. But to prevent users of the brand from being left without a word, the official website of the manufacturer has a dedicated page, where it informs that users avoid letting the battery stay below 20%.

Can I charge my smartphone all night?

The second question, which triggers the first, is whether I can charge my smartphone all night. Probably this is your load habit, it was mine too until I got those answers.

ASUS informs that in its Zenfones with AI, when leaving the charging all night, the phone will reach 100% close to the time that the user usually disconnects the charger, trying to avoid micro recharges. It also informs that the ideal is not to use this method, precisely to avoid loss of useful life.

Huawei maintains the idea of ​​removing the charge as soon as it completes, and complements informing to leave the device between the 30 to 70% ranges.

LG and Motorola report that their current smartphones have security systems, which prevent overheating due to overcharging, and for this reason, there is no problem keeping the charger on all night. LG further adds that the deterioration would be negligible in relation to battery life.

Do I need to discharge the battery to the end?

Fully discharging the battery was a habit of old cell phones, I remember that when you bought a phone the first thing you needed to do was, look, you need to get home and plug it into the charger until it is 100%, and do this three times.

Thankfully that time has passed, today’s batteries no longer need calibration, although some apps are still trying to do that. Motorola said that it makes no difference whether you download completely, however, the other manufacturers were categorical in saying that avoid avoiding below 20%.

So if I were you, the owner of Motorola, I would avoid it too.

Can I use another charger?

Can I use another charger? You there at your home, you usually use your family’s charger, right? Use that we know, the first person in front, go there and that’s it. Well, all manufacturers inform you that you must use the standard charger of the device. We made another specific article on this point, and in fact, the idea is to use the charger that comes with the product, but sometimes you can ruin or lose the charger, and how does it look? My tip is, in the product manual, you can find it on the internet, look for the charger, there it is informed of its current and voltage, commonly amperage and voltage. If you buy the same as the original, there is no problem using it, by the way, who controls this is the smartphone. Chargers have the ability to send power, the smartphone that determines how much it can handle.

But, yes by no, it is best to go for the original .

Will keep the phone for a while, what to do?

Did you change your phone and sell the old one? So, you need to keep the battery in it. Leaving it empty is terrible, there may be “memory loss” from the battery, or even it won’t identify a charge again. Leaving it too full is also a problem. The correct and indicated by the manufacturers is to keep the battery at 50%.

My battery is already bad, what to do?

It may be that for you there is no more to do and you are sick of carrying up to twice a day, right? Know that your battery no longer supports and the ideal is to change it. Yes, the manufacturers all have this battery replacement service. It is necessary to take to authorized technical assistance, they will estimate the amount for this repair. Your smartphone will return to the energy performance of when it was new.

How to know a fair price for this repair?

Before changing the battery, check the price. It is necessary to evaluate:

  • How much did you pay for the phone?
  • How long does?
  • What is the average price of an identical, new and used model?

Remember the amount you paid when you were new? The repair value needs to be a fraction of this value. More expensive phones, with original values ​​above 2000 reais, certainly if the phone is less than two years old, it is still worth doing the repair.

Check the current price, if the average value of the user device is less than twice the cost of the repair, that is, if twice the value of the repair is greater than the average price of the product, it may be better to reconsider this repair and go to purchase a new product.

I can’t carry it during the day, and my habit is to keep it spiked at night, what to do?

Yes, not everyone can charge the device at work, precisely because they are not in an office or in constant locomotion, for those who are unable to change the night charging habit, rest assured, charge your smartphone at night. After all, it was made to use, certainly the battery will wear out more in less time. You can, try to change your habit, start loading the product at times when you can control the load.


If you are able to control the charges and discharges of your smartphone, try to keep the battery between 20% ~ 80%. It is in this range that the smartphone will avoid running cycles more often.

I really hope that in some way it may have helped you with this content, I would love that if you could spread it on your social networks, it would help a lot of other people who are experiencing problems with batteries.

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