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    Huawei: so you can use your cell phone and apps without Google services


    Huawei’s latest high-end no longer have Google’s mobile services. This can be a headache for some. But there are a few ways to fix it.

    We are not going to deny it, the Huawei P40 Pro is a brutal smartphone. The performance of this terminal left us satisfied and impressed.

    But not equally we cannot avoid observing that there will be many users who could miss the integration of Google Mobile Services (GMS) as it happens in all other terminals based on Android.

    The point is that in the latest high-end GMS are conspicuous by their absence, and although the App Gallery has done a good job as a substitute for the Play Store, we find that there are many applications that are absolutely absent, such as Netflix .

    There are some elaborate and many even dangerous methods to force our device to return to normal. But the reality is that the more time passes the more we find simple alternatives to use the missing apps. Here are four ways to do it:

    1. Use web applications

    This trend has become more common lately. Where the app is available from the cloud and you can use it there. Which makes dependency on Google Mobile Services unnecessary.

    Many apps are nothing more than a packaged version of a web browsing session. For example we can open YouTube from Chrome and save the shortcut marker on our home screen. And voila, it will work practically the same as the app.

    2. Search well in the App Gallery

    The Google Play Store is huge, but as time goes by, the Huawei App Gallery grows more. It is an essential recommendation to constantly check the catalog since new apps are constantly added.

    What makes direct download possible without any complications than a couple of taps. Just like on the Play Store.

    3. The APK will make them free

    APK extension files are nothing more than the executable that allows us to install any app on an Android-based operating system.

    The relatively delicate matter is that there are some not very reliable repositories where one can catch an addware or malware that violates our smartphone.

    Fortunately the Huawei App Gallery itself integrates secure and verified download links of APK files of those apps that need to be downloaded externally due to the limitation of GMS.

    4. Phone Clone, the trustworthy old woman

    If you have a Huawei terminal from past years that does have Google Mobile Services, the fastest solution to migrate is the use of the Phone Clone app. This sends the APKs of your applications to your new terminal with your access credentials in most cases.

    Although, it should be noted that those apps that need a special permission from Google will not be able to work even with this measure.

    The company has a major challenge on the horizon, particularly with the Netflix issue. But we do not doubt that somehow they will solve it later.

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