NewsiMessage: soon, the possibility to modify a message after...

iMessage: soon, the possibility to modify a message after sending it?


An Apple patent suggests that the company could launch a new iMessage feature that would allow you to modify a message after it has been sent. Earlier, a rumor had raised the possibility that Apple would launch a feature to delete messages already sent.

Thanks to iMessage, which is installed by default on the iPhone, Apple is a major player in instant messaging. However, to counter competing services like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger, iMessage must offer new features. And precisely, since the beginning of the year, rumors evoke a series of novelties that Apple could launch on iMessage during the deployment of iOS 14, in the second half.

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What’s new for iMessage?

This week, the 9to5Mac site mentions a new Apple patent which may give us a clue about one of these new features: the possibility of modifying a message already sent. In essence, the patent describes a mechanism via which the user can make a long press on a message to bring up a contextual menu which will display an option to modify his message. On the recipient side, a marker would indicate that this message has been modified and the latter would be able to see the history of modifications.

“There is a need for electronic devices with improved methods and interfaces for editing sent messages. These methods and interfaces can supplement or replace the conventional methods of editing sent messages. Such methods and interfaces reduce the number, scope and / or nature of a user’s input and produce a more efficient human-machine interface ,  reads in this patent, according to 9to5Mac.

But of course, there is no guarantee that this patent will actually be used by Apple to bring editing functionality to iMessage. Companies of this size may have very many intellectual properties, but may not use them all.

Previously, the media had raised the possibility that Apple will launch a feature that will delete an accidentally sent message (but not a modification feature). Besides that, Apple would also develop a functionality using the @ symbol to identify other users in group messages, as well as other functionalities that would allow iMessage to be closer to services intended for professionals like Slack or Microsoft Teams. But as it is only rumors for the moment, this information is still to be considered with extreme caution.

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