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iPhone 12 with 120 Hz screen, 3x zoom and in navy blue among some of its alleged specifications according to a leak


Several are the rumors that point to important changes in the line of Apple’s iPhone of this 2020. The iPhone SE recently presented as an entry mobile in the brand’s catalog and up to four new terminals for the high-end under the name of iPhone 12 which will be presented in the fall of this year. Among your news? Improvements in the refreshment of the screen, the camera or Face ID among others, also a new color and external design.

Based on reports from Max Weinbach (who has a good track record in terms of leaks) from the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro they have published the alleged characteristics and appearance of the Apple iPhone 12 in its four models.

iPhone 12 with 120 Hz screen, 3x zoom and in navy blue among some of its alleged specifications according to a leak

A dynamic screen refresh and relevant camera changes

One of the most notable changes has to do with the screen of the iPhone, in the Pro models (there will be two “normal” iPhone 12 and two “Pro”) Apple is expected to add a ProMotion screen that uses a dynamic refresh at 120 Hz . This feature has already been available on some iPads for years and automatically switches between 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate depending on what is being used on the device. This feature has been rumored for months.

The reason for not implementing it fully and always at 120 Hz is simple, it is a feature that consumes a lot of energy. In fact, another of the expected improvements is a better battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max (the largest of all with 6.7 inches), which will have a capacity of 4,400 mAh.

As for cameras, it seems that they will improve the pictures taken in low light conditions with noise reduction, better image stabilization, and faster autofocus. The LiDAR scanner already brought in by the latest iPad Pro will also be on hand to improve focus and distance accuracy on objects. Finally, the zoom of the telephoto camera will have three magnifications instead of two as it happens now.

New (not so new) design and other new features expected

We could already see the design in a previous filtration based on prototypes made with CAD designs. This is where we saw the introduction of the flat sides similar to those of the iPad Pro or iPhone models such as from 4 to 5s. Additionally, reference was made to a more compact TrueDepth module (the front camera system) and therefore a smaller notch . As for the Face ID of this notch , everything indicates that it will recognize faces at larger angles.

Following the external design, Apple is expected to introduce a new ‘Navy Blue’ color . It is also the granular textured surface of the current iPhone 11 on the back. This texture of the glass has allowed to reduce fingerprints on the phone and also improves grip with respect to a completely flat glass.

Finally, it is more than likely that Apple will introduce 5G in its most powerful terminals , with Qualcomm as the provider of the modem chips for 5G connectivity. Speaking of chip, they will come with a new iteration of the Apple A-series chip, the A14 Bionic to replace the current A13 Bionic .

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