Apple LG breaks Samsung's monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone

    LG breaks Samsung’s monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone


    Samsung was the sole provider of iPhone OLED displays until LG breaks Samsung’s monopoly. Learn about the new distribution of productions.

    Samsung had the exclusive contract for OLED iPhone displays … until this year.

    LG received orders for 20 million screens by 2020, while Samsung kept the remaining 55 million.

    LG breaks Samsung monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone
    LG breaks Samsung’s monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone

    This means that Apple will increase its production, thinking of new models of the iPhone 12 line.

    According to the specialized portal , Apple will distribute four different models for 2020.

    The iPhone 12 5.4-inch, the iPhone 12 Max 6.1-inch, the iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7.

    Pro models are expected to feature a much more sophisticated presentation.

    How would the distribution between LG and Samsung be?

    According to TheElec , quoted by, LG will make the screens of the iPhone 12 Max, and Samsung the rest.

    LG would have ended Samsung’s monopoly on OLEDs last year, but on a very small scale and with older models.

    LG breaks Samsungs monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone
    LG breaks Samsung’s monopoly with OLED screens for iPhone

    According to other reports, LG also makes screens for repowered models, but possibly it was only to test its ability to Apple.

    Now they will do it in a greater volume and for products of the current year.

    The Chinese company BOE tried to join the group, but has only been able to invest in iPhone presentation production lines.

    It has not yet been approved as a producer of OLED displays.

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