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    The Marvel Universe is preparing the return of Ghost Rider


    Daniel Richman, one of the most reliable sources in the Marvel world, assured that the company is preparing the return of Ghost Rider.

    Marvel and Disney have already defined plans for phase 4 of their cinematic universe. If no unexpected obstacles appear, the new stage will begin on November 5 with the premiere of Black Widow , and will end on July 8, 2022 with Captain Marvel 2 . Despite the above, the companies are beginning to analyze the future of their gold mine. Which characters will leave the ship? Which others will join?

    According to the report by Daniel Richtman (via The Direct ), one of the most reliable sources when reporting on future superhero movies and series, Ghost Rider will be one of the next characters to join the Marvel Universe. As he explains, Kevin Feige and his managers at Marvel Studios are already analyzing the return of the legendary motorcyclist. However, it is unknown whether he will do so in a feature film or in a Disney + series.

    Ghost Rider past and present

    A few years ago, and before the launch of the aforementioned video platform, Mickey’s company contemplated creating a series of iconic motorcyclist to premiere it on Hulu. Ultimately they preferred to focus on other superheroes and shelved the project. While Robbie Reyes appeared in Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s idea would be to completely forget about this version and start his path from scratch.

    This would not only allow us to offer a fresher and renewed narrative for the character, but it would also be possible to open the doors to Johnny Blaze. If you haven’t lost track of the comic-book films of the past few decades, you will surely remember Ghost Rider: The Ghost Avenger (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance(2012), both with Nicolas Cage playing Blaze, however, at that time the rights to Ghost Rider were not in the hands of Disney, but Sony Pictures.

    It was until 2013 when the antihero returned to Marvel Studios thanks to the agreement between the two companies. The association, by the way, also included Spider-Man. Considering that Black Widow and Thor will be leaving soon, without forgetting the games of Iron Man and Captain America, it should not be surprising that the producer is looking for new faces. Here at Hypertextual we already tell you all the characters that will make their debut in phase 4, but the following stages look just as promising.

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