AppsMicrosoft launches app to recover lost files on Windows

Microsoft launches app to recover lost files on Windows


Microsoft launches app to recover lost files on Windows

The application rescues files from HDs, SSDs, cards and other hardware


  • Microsoft is making available a new app to recover lost files
  • The app can recover data from HDDs, SSDs, Memory Cards and other devices
  • It works only on Windows 10 PC and can be installed for free

Microsoft released a new file recovery application for Windows, the  Windows File Recovery. The company has made no formal announcement about the new functionality. It just started being made available through the  Microsoft Store and can be downloaded for free. 

Official Windows File Recovery download from Microsoft Store

This system can be used when the user permanently deletes a file. The function of the application is to search for it and try to rescue it. It can be used to recover lost photos, documents, videos, among other files. 

“Accidentally deleted an important file? Wiped your hard drive? Don’t know what to do with corrupted data? Windows File Recovery can help you recover your personal data. For photos, documents, videos, and more, Windows File Recovery supports many types of files to help ensure that your data is not lost permanently. Recovering from a camera or SD card? Try the subscription model, which extends beyond NTFS recovery and meets the needs of your storage device. “
– Description of the app on the Microsoft Store

It can be used, so far, only by PC Windows 10. The application can be used by professional users, who constantly have problems with lost files. It can even be used to recover data from memory cards, HDDS and SSDs. 

There are three modes of file recovery: Standard, Segment and Signature. Standard mode is recommended for most recently deleted files, whether on HDDs or SSDs on your Windows PC, or also external hard drives and flash drives of 4GB or higher. Segment mode is indicated for files that were deleted a long time ago, or after the disks have been formatted. The Signature mode is indicated if the previous ones were unable to locate the files.

Microsoft launches app to recover lost files on Windows

Microsoft says it is capable of recovering JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office, MP3 and MP4 files, ZIP files and many others. Several systems can be attached to the PC to perform the recovery, as long as the computer has installed the application. The app supports NTFS, FAT, exFAT and ReFS file systems.

Although several users can make use of the app, Microsoft has developed thinking about professional customers. This is because it is necessary to give commands to recover files. Hardly an ordinary user will have enough knowledge to use the tool. The interface is not very user friendly.

The Windows File Recovery application runs only on Windows 10 build 19041, or later. It can be installed free of charge through the Microsoft Store. The application does not support cloud storage recovery and network file sharing, only files stored on specific hardware.

Via: Neowin (Microsoft launches app to recover lost files on Windows)

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