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Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will have official support for mouse and trackpad on iPad


Microsoft’s Office suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) will receive official support for the latest iPad news throughout the year.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint users on the iPad can expect official mouse and trackpad support during 2020. In this way, they will be fully integrated with the latest developments implemented by Apple on their tablets.

With the recent arrival of the new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard with a built-in trackpad, as well as iPadOS 13.4, the Cupertino technology has taken the final step towards productivity and the use of these terminals as work items. However, it remains that third-party applications have extensive support for this.

Given the focus on professional and task use, integrating Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the system at the highest level is an imperative for many users. We will not have to wait too long for that to happen, fortunately, with the steps already underway to make it a reality. A change that will positively impact millions of users around the world.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad

In the same way that happened with Apple’s own applications, Microsoft will update Word, Excel and PowerPoint to increase their compatibility. This is revealed by TechCrunch, from where it ensures that the update will be available before autumn for those compatible terminals.

Needless to say, the importance of such integration when using the most popular suite in the world in terms of office automation tasks. Through it, the user will be able to move around in the applications and execute actions much more quickly and efficiently . It is worth mentioning that the cursor can already be used with them, but the graphical interface is not coupled with those that have been adapted to support iPadOS 13.4.

The new version of the operating system allows not only to use the Magic Keyboard trackpad, but also third-party accessories connected by Bluetooth. IPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad mini 4 and later are compatible with this system. Amdeás, all existing iPad Pro models also have the option to upgrade.

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