AppsMore data is leaked about the theoretical AirPods Studio,...

More data is leaked about the theoretical AirPods Studio, the first supra-aural that also steals the last name from the Beats


The Apple AirPods family of headphones could be expanded in a few weeks: the leaks are accumulating and make the hypothetical AirPods Studio that has been spoken for months come true soon.

These headband headphones would adopt a supra-aural (or perhaps circumaural, design that does not “wrap” around the wearer’s ear) and would integrate features such as active noise cancellation and a curious system of padding and headbands with magnetic adjustment.

The price of the theoretical AirPods Studio will be $ 349 according to the leaks

Jon Prosser, an analyst and regular responsible for leaking Apple news before they appear, has been talking about it for a while and this past weekend he mentioned that Apple seemed to definitely keep the name “Airpods” for its new headphones .

This analyst also indicated the code name of the project, “B515”, and the price that these headphones will have, which will be $ 349 and will be in line with what products that compete in the same segment as the Bose 700 or the Sony WH-1000XM3.

The use of that last name “Studio” is especially intriguing , especially since Beats – which Apple bought years ago – continues to manufacture headphones that also use that name. After the summer, by the way the arrival of another model is expected, the AirPods X, intended for athletes .

Some speculate with the possibility that this product marks a turning point when it comes to marketing and managing its entire segment of headphones and wearables, which in recent times has been one of the most growing at Apple: even its own executives are surprised. Beats could therefore gradually lose more and more prominence.

In addition to the noise canceling technology they are expected to have, Apple could be preparing a customizable design for these AirPods Pro: The leaks speak of magnetically adjustable pads and headbands that would make these elements easily interchangeable.

The new AirPods Studio is expected to appear on June 22 during the celebration of WWDC 2020 conferences, which this year will be broadcast over the Internet due to the coronavirus.

Track | AppleInsider

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