EntertainmentIf you haven't had enough confinement, Netflix wants to...

If you haven’t had enough confinement, Netflix wants to give you more with ‘Social Distance’


Netflix joins HBO in the content trend on confinement and the coronavirus with a new series that will include the production team of Orange is the new black .

The quarantine is changing consumer habits of the public, and how we relate to the world of entertainment. It is a strange process of assimilation, which in one way or another reflects the consequences that world quarantine has and will have on the collective psyche. Netflix, which has seen its numbers increase during the days of confinement, wants to continue exploring such circumstances.

From a re-dimensioning of virtual tools for teaching, learning, personal growth, and many other possibilities, to the panorama of a future marked by social distance, masks and a new way of relating on an emotional and physical level, the crisis caused by the coronavirus threatens to change the way we live in a deeper way than we suppose.

Perhaps, for this reason, television channels and online platforms begin to turn their interest in the phenomenon through different perspectives. If two weeks ago, Saturday Night Live innovated in the possibility of a show created and sustained on the new trend of virtual communications, this time it is Netflix who makes it clear that it has every intention of analyzing the phenomenon of isolation from a complete perspective new.

The online platform has just announced that the team that carried out the production of the successful series Orange is the new black will produce a show that will analyze the phenomenon of social distancing caused by the coronavirus. The initiative thus joins the anthological series prepared by HBO, which will have Leticia Dolera and Rodrigo Sorogoyen among its creators.

Of course, the possibility of analyzing a historical phenomenon practically in real-time is an opportunity that a good part of the entertainment world considers as a trigger for creativity or a way of deepening a situation that will undoubtedly have long-term consequences. The Netflix series – which will be titled Social Distance – will also be carried out in an anthological format and aims to focus on the “new, strange and perplexing reality that we are experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis, which makes it about a project that will reflect at a broad and deep level on the circumstance caused by quarantine from a human and undoubtedly emotional angle.

According to Variety, the producers want the project to be a way of reflecting the current mood of the world, with the possibility of demonstrating that despite the obligatory social distance, in one way or another, we are all deeply and irremediably united. For the team it is of considerable importance to “find union while we are apart”.

Social Distance will tell “personal, unique and deeply human stories that reflect how we are living apart, together.” In addition, the producers are betting on the idea of ​​showing that despite the complicated situation that seems to appear in the future, there are possibilities “that people feel closer”. The distance is being something universal, but the experience of each one is different “, they share while they hope to be able to cover them”.

Hilary Weisman Graham will be the showrunner and has already announced that she will carry out her work “from her living room”, in the same way, that the protagonists who assured that they will record the scenes that correspond to them from their own homes. Jenji Kohan, Tara Herrmann, and Blake McCormick will be the producers of the project, while Diego Velasco will be the director – and according to the statement, he will do it from home – of the same that the writers will meet through virtual connections to write and discuss ideas.

about the argument. For now, details about the cast or details of the story are unknown, but it is obvious that this is an innovative – and perhaps necessary – step in the genre.

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