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    New gameplay of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’: 18 minutes of exploration and bloody battles in the highly anticipated game for PS4


    Sucker Punch Productions has released a new teaser for their next game set in Japan’s feudal era. ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ , in this new 18-minute gameplay is revealed in all its splendor to better understand what its final graphics will be, the game mode and other aspects.

    Posted by State of Play on PlayStation , this gameplay shows the first real images of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ since we saw the first trailer at E3 2018 . This time we see the island in great detail, fighting the protagonist and modes of customization of the game.

    A spectacular island in feudal Japan and bloody fighting

    The game is set in feudal Japan , to be more exact in 1274. The goal is to liberate Tsushima Island from the Mongol Empire by controlling the samurai Jin Sakai. From there it is a matter of ending the enemies with bloody battles, stealth and samurai combat techniques.

    During the gameplay we have been able to see aspects of the exploration of the island , with the protagonist riding a horse and riding from one place to another. It is possible to summon a ghost to travel freely around the island or to help different animals to be guided to special places. As for combat, you can choose between fighting in an “honorable” way as a samurai or taking advantage of stealth techniques to destroy enemies discreetly.

    An interesting aspect is that we will have the option to customize how the game looks and listens. For example, it has a way to make Japanese audio and black-and-white image noise (grain) to make it even more set in original samurai movies. In any case, we will know more once it is released. The game will be exclusive to PlayStation and will arrive on PS4 on July 17 .

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