GamingPlayStationPlayStation 5 price: see the latest speculation about the...

PlayStation 5 price: see the latest speculation about the value


PlayStation 5 price: see the latest speculation about the value

New rumors suggest that Sony’s new generation console should not exceed $ 500

The price of the PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) is one of the biggest doubts surrounding the console of Sony ‘s new generation . The design of the PS5 has already been revealed in a live that released several games that promise to mark its launch, including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village, Demon’s Souls and Kena: Bridge of Spirits . Despite this, Sony has yet to provide detailed information on how much the video game should cost.

New rumors suggest that the PS5 should not cost more than $ 500. Some influential figures in the industry have also presented projections that corroborate this figure, but everything should be treated as iffy.

PlayStation 5 price
PlayStation 5 price: The PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be released in late 2020, but its price remains a mystery

One of the rumors that caught the most attention in recent days was an alleged leak of a page from French Amazon , which listed the video game in its standard edition for 499 euros. The image also highlighted a possible release date for November 20, but the information was quickly denied by Amazon, which claimed the image was fake and was not obtained from its website.

PlayStation 5 price see latest speculation about value
PlayStation 5 price; Alleged image of the French Amazon with the price and release date of the PS5, but which has already been denied by the network

Through social networks, Albert Penello, Executive old division Xbox of Microsoft, and now works at Amazon, reacted to another rumor that pointed a lush price of 599 euros. According to Penello, there is no chance that the PS5 will sell for more than $ 499. Although he is no longer working directly in the games industry, the executive has experience in the sector and his opinion caught the eye.

Penello’s guess should mention the basic edition with the disc player. Naturally, the digital edition would be cheaper because it does not contain this piece of hardware. The executive recalls, however, that one should never say never since Sony has already brought the PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) to USD 599.

PlayStation 5 price see latest speculation about value 1
PlayStation 5 price: Sony unveiled a complete line of PS5 accessories 

At the same time, journalist Paul Tassi spoke in a story at Forbes about how Sony has already made it clear that the PS5 price will not be the same as the PS4 at launch – $ 400. In 2013, the price of Sony’s video game surpassed the $ 499 of Xbox One, but the journalist points out that a new console would cost at least $ 450 with today’s savings.

He also recalls that Kim Ryan, CEO of the company, commented in a recent interview with that the best way to deal with the challenges of launching a new console during the pandemic is to offer the best possible value, and that does not necessarily mean the lowest price. It is worth mentioning, however, that all of this is just speculation and that Sony promises news about the PS5 for the coming weeks.

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