News Activision postpones Call of Duty seasons in support of...

    Activision postpones Call of Duty seasons in support of US protests


    Postpones Call of Duty seasons: The Activision chose to delay the release of new seasons of Call of Duty: Modern WarfareWarzone, and Mobile indefinitely in support of racial protests in the United States. In a note released on Twitter, the company said that “now is the time for those voices calling for equality, justice, and change to be heard”.

    The company would launch the fourth season for Modern Warfare and the seventh for Call of Duty: Mobile . However, now, the arrival of the content has been postponed to “future dates”, in the words of Activision. The company also emphasized that the timing is not right for this.

    “Although we are looking forward to the new seasons … now is not the time for that,” he commented on Twitter.

    The schedule was for the fourth season of Modern Warfare to arrive on June 3, with Captain Price returning as a playable character. The other two contents should be available by June 5.

    Postpones Call of Duty seasons in support of US Protests

    The United States is experiencing a wave of protests, triggered after a group of police officers violently immobilized American citizen George Floyd. The boy is imprisoned for nine minutes, even though he is handcuffed. In a video posted on the internet, he repeated several times that he is out of breath. The officers only interrupt the action when Floyd is completely immobile, already dead.

    This resulted in a string of protests in Minnesota against violent police measures, especially when it comes to the black community.

    Sony also postponed event

    postpones Call of Duty seasons in support of US protests

    Activision aligns itself with Sony on the postponement speech to give voice to protests in the United States. The Japanese company had an event scheduled for this Thursday (4) when it would present news about the PlayStation 5. There is still no date for the unveiling of the new console.

    Source: Activision ( Twitter )

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