ReviewsSamsung Galaxy A71 Review: a large smartphone with a...

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review: a large smartphone with a great performance


Presented as the king-size version of the A51, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is positioned on the complicated segment of the “top of the mid-range basket”, or, if we want to see it differently, of the “bottom of the high-end basket”. 

The components of the A71 also draw in these two categories of products, for example with a Snapdragon 730 processor (not a lightning power) but also a photo block with 4 sensors with macro function. 

This mid-way positioning seems a priori risky, especially in the face of an armada of Chinese flagships at low prices armored with advanced components. But what about in detail? Does the A71 manage to reach the optimal balance point between perfs and contained tariffs? All the answers in the following test.

A sober and unadorned design

Rather pretty with its almost pearly white hull (with rainbow reflections), the A71 plays the card of the large modern smartphone (6.7 inches) but without the effects of awe; we are far from the futuristic lines of a Galaxy S20, the flat panel will impress less than that of the Note, but in the end, we still end up with a mobile that seems rather compact despite the size of its screen, thanks in itself to the edges of thin slabs and a very pleasant general grip. 

The photo block is imposing and protrudes noticeably from the shell, but we have already got used to these growths so that the whole does not shock the eye (and then the 4 sensors, you have to put them some go). On the right edge, there are the physical buttons for activating the volume control. On the left, a drawer allows to insert up to two nano-SIM and a microSD. The USB Type-C port, the jack and the speakers are located on the bottom edge.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

A beautiful and large screen

The screen of the A71 plays clearly in the big leagues … with a few small details: the 6.7 inches Full HD + panel (1080 x 2400 pixels) displays an infinite contrast (normal for AMOLED), a nice sharpness, and a maximum brilliant brightness (more than 600 cd / m²), which will come in handy for outdoor use. 

On the other hand, the colors displayed are not always faithful, with sometimes a little strange variations of hues on very “colorful” scenes/photos/images (on large flat areas of bright colors for example). 

Nothing too unpleasant to the eye to tell the truth, and we are far from the colorimetric errors of the Samsung Galaxy of 4 or 5 years ago… but that remains notable. Fortunately, there is always the possibility of choosing between two display modes in the settings (Natural or Vivid) and of modifying the white balance, but that does not completely solve the problem. 

On the sound side, nothing wrong with the fairly well-balanced rendering, but the speakers lack a bit of fishing and above all do not allow stereo in the horizontal display (speakers located on the only edge at the bottom). Pity.

Slightly average raw performance

The ONE UI 2.0 interface gains even more in overall consistency (it is possible) and simplicity in use. No frills here, but there are still some (very) slight slowdowns. The Snapdragon 730 processor does not work miracles despite the 6 GB of RAM, a lack of “juice” which can also be seen on the optical sensor located under the panel (really slow) but also on the most demanding games, like Asphalt 9 Legends (my test referent for 3D games). 

On most titles, however (apart from the “heavier ones”), nothing is noticeable. The A71 is clearly not mobile for “gamers”, but after all, it does not really position itself in this niche.

A very solid photo block

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

The photo block of the A71 does not go into detail: the main sensor of 64 MPx (1 / 1.7 ″ – 26 mm f / 1.8 + AF with phase detection) offers shots in broad daylight frankly excellent on all the points: sharpness, color fidelity, good unblocking of light and dark areas, there is really nothing to complain about. 

Night mode is quite effective, but it should not be asked too much (a lot of noise on very dark scenes). Finally, the autofocus is very fast on this sensor, and above all, precise.

The second objective is a 12 MPx is an ultra-wide-angle, and we note the great coherence of rendering (colorimetry, details, sharpness) with the main sensor. Apart from the wide-angle therefore, the results are just as good in broad daylight (and with little distortion on the edges, a recurring concern of the wide-angle) … but much less usable at night (very pronounced noise).

The 5 MPx macro sensor does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The subjects taken in macro are well detailed and sharp, but there is sometimes a slight tingling effect of the image on the background. This mode is however totally unusable at night or in low light conditions. 

Last but not least, the 5 MPx sensor dedicated to portraits does its job properly: the pictures lack a bit of sharpness, but the skin tones are very well rendered.

autonomy: built for endurance

Unsurprisingly, the A71’s 4500 mAh battery does its job well: the device can go a long way over two days in constant use (surfing, a bit of a game, various apps, geolocation), but everything will, of course, depend on the type of device. ‘usage (if you only play big 3D games, the autonomy will melt like snow in the sun in just a few hours). One hour is enough to recharge the device (25W).

Conclusion: a “Good Enough” device for the greatest number

If it were not its small lack of raw power, the Samsung Galaxy A71 displays very good qualities for a mobile offered at less than 500 euros. The beautiful and large screen, the 4 sensor photo block and the endurance of this mobile (2 days in constant use) make the A71 a perfectly recommendable smartphone. A good enough device for as many people as possible

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