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Teracube, the mobile that boasts a 4-year warranty, flat repair rate and free battery change


It is possible that when we think of a sustainable mobile we imagine a phone with recyclable materials or with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, but this idea is, for the moment, closer to being science fiction than reality. Still, there are other ways the smartphone industry could be made more sustainable

How long does it take to buy a mobile phone and the next? Every year new technologies are introduced, more powerful cameras, bigger batteries that make the new mobiles more appealing than the previous ones. The problem is that this level of consumption is not good for planet Earth. The -Programme UNEP Environment United Nations – estimated that each year are generated worldwide about 50 million tons of waste caused by discarded electronic devices. 

Our devices become obsolete too quickly, hence the mobile that has been considered the most sustainable aims to serve us for a longer time. At first glance, the Teracube is a very normal mobile, a mid-range phone very similar to the rest of the models that the brands offer, but it promises to be useful for longer. 

screen6.2-inch IPS
Full HD (1080 x 2280 p)
Gorilla Glass Protector
ProcessorOcta-core Mediateck
Storage128 GB
Cameras12 + 5 Mpx
Frontal camera8 Mpx
Drums3,400 mAh
ConnectivityDual SIM 4G
AndroidAndroid 9 Pie
Price and availability$ 298, four-year warranty

As shown in the table above, its characteristics could be those of a mid- range phone from last year , with a one-day battery, large notch, only two rear cameras. However, it was presented earlier this year at CES 2020 , and its price is around 300 euros. The key is that we would not be buying a terminal like the others, but two in one, that is, this mobile should last us twice as long and therefore instead of buying two phones in four years, we would have one. 

The guarantee of this mobile covers it during the first four years of use, if any detail breaks, scratches the Teracube founders promise to change or fix any damage at no cost, such as changing the battery. More severe bumps like the screen would be replaced by a flat fee of $ 40 . Of course, if the company fails before the guarantee expires, this promise could be left on deaf ears. 

Most Android mobiles, like this one, offer two years of updates and three years of security patches, after this period they would be obsolete and unprotected from cybersecurity attacks, and that if it has not been broken before. From Teracube promise up to three years of system updates and security patches, plus repairs until the fourth year. 

This concept would be closer to the idea that the European Union has for devices and household appliances sold in its member countries. Extending the useful life of the appliances, reducing the famous programmed obsolescence, and facilitating repairs would help reduce the impact of this type of industry on the environment. 

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