Best Of The 7 Best Waterproof Smart Watches in 2020

    The 7 Best Waterproof Smart Watches in 2020


    Unlike previous years, 2020 comes with excellent options available in the market for Waterproof smart watches perfect for our swimming activities, different brands have applied water management technology in their latest models. 

    Now, how to choose the right water smartwatch? The answer is that the different characteristics that certain models combine can respond to your need: pool or open water immersion, built-in GPS, battery life … there are several functions that can make you lean more towards a brand. than for another.

    We put different watches to the test and chose two as our favorites: a smartwatch and a hybrid, now it’s up to you to choose the preferred water watch from our TOP 2020 over the 7 best waterproof smartwatches , see them below.

    1 – Garmin Vivoactive 4

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 a Great Smartwatch for Swimming
    The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is our favorite submersible smartwatch.

    Topping our top and winning the title of the best submersible smartwatch is the Garmin Vivoactive 4, which has a water resistance of up to 5 ATM.

    This model is right in the middle between the design of a non-submersible smartwatch and the style of the company’s sports watches. We like the way you post-workout data within the Garmin app too.

    After you finish your training or swimming practice you can go directly to the Garmin Connect application, you will see a tab dedicated to swimming that shows data such as distance, time, race, SWOLF, temperature, pace, speed, among others. 

    The transflective display technology of Vivoactive 4 allows you to see your data in real time when you’re underwater, and while it doesn’t have tracking support for open water swimming, this smartwacth works perfectly for those who spend a lot of time training in swimming pools. 

    If you want open water monitoring, you should choose other more expensive options that the brand has. 

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Swimming only in the pool.

    2 – Apple Watch Series 5

    Apple Watch Series 5 a waterproof smartwatch with SIM
    Apple Watch Series 5 offers some great features in addition to swim tracking.

    We could not ignore this brand: Apple Watch Series 5 brings all the functions of a smartwatch without looking totally like a sports watch.

    You have in this model all the good features of the previous Apple Watch in a larger size so that you can better see the data of your swim training in the pool or open water. You’ll receive a host of metrics, including distance traveled, lengths, and average pace. This smartwatch can also distinguish the style of swimming.

    Although the touchscreen is idle underwater, the Series 5 has the Always on feature that lets you see your progress in real time while swimming. Regarding the data it shows, this smartwatch is very accurate. 

    The data on distance, lap count and average pace are quite good, you can check them in the Apple Activity. There are also swimming apps developed by third parties that allow you to have additional information about swim analysis on your smartphone, in addition, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a very comfortable watch to wear underwater.

    According to our tests, Series 5 is on par with the Garmin and is one of the best smartwatches you can wear to go overboard, with the added benefit of having a great look off of it. 

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Monitoring of swimming in the pool and open water.

    3 – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 a Smart Watch ideal for Swimming
    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has very good swimming tracking features

    The Samsung company had already given us a good submersible watch: the Galaxy Watch, however, with its most recent launch, it brought together the characteristics of the previous model in a thinner and smaller design that works very well for swimming pools and open waters, of course, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

    This smartwatch has dedicated swim tracking features, which means you can view metrics like distance, strokes, lap time, and SWOLF (to measure swimming efficiency) from the Super AMOLED screen.

    Other smart features include Samsung Pay, 4GB of memory, all-day battery life, and Spotify offline support.

    Unlike the Galaxy Watch, and its predecessor, the Gear Sport, the Active 2 model does not have a physical rotating bezel, so to navigate the application menu you will have to use the touch-sensitive digital bezel. 

    Regarding precision, the Active 2 offers us good data compared to a special sports watch for swimming. You don’t need to enter the pool size as the watch can detect it on its own and offers various metrics on the device and within the Samsung Health app.

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Monitoring of swimming in the pool and open water.

    4 – Fitbit Ionic

    Fitbit Ionic Shock and Water Resistant Smart Watch
    Fitbit Ionic model has the sporty style with larger screen

    Although the Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitbit Ionic watches are designed for the pool, we opted to choose the Ionic for its sportier appearance, fully suitable for being underwater.

    With this new Fitbit model you can keep track of your swimming statistics in real time, as well as keeping all the good features that the Versa 2 model has. 

    Regarding the data that the smartwatch shares to your smartphone, you will get the count of laps, the duration of the workout and calories burned, this is the same as you will have from a dedicated swimming watch. 

    One of the benefits of the Fitbit Ionic is the battery life, you can use it for 5 days without recharging it. It also has touch buttons so you can start or stop training when you’re underwater, so you won’t have the problem of having to deal with a wet touch screen.

    Although Ionic doesn’t give specific details like other submersible smartwatches, it does do a good job for most swimmers.

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Swimming only in the pool.

    5 – Fitbit Versa 2

    Fitbit Versa 2 Cheap waterproof smartwatch
    Firbit Versa 2 looks less sporty than the Ionic model and its size is slightly smaller.

    If the idea of ​​swimming with a larger screen on your wrist isn’t appealing, then you have another Fitbit smartwatch to explore: the Fitbit Versa 2 . Along with a slimmer, smaller design, it offers the same swim-tracking features as the Ionic.

    With the Versa 2 you have data on lengths, distances traveled and training duration on the touch screen, although it does not show the type of stroke nor does it have Swolf data available. If you are a beginner or casual swimmer you can use this model without any problem, but if you are a more dedicated swimmer you may be disappointed not having all the metrics available.

    Fitbit Versa 2 works perfectly in the pool but, like other smartwatches on this list, it does not have open water swimming support, this does not represent a problem for swimmers who usually do their training in closed areas.

    Regarding battery life, you can use Versa 2 for four to five days. You also have the always-on screen options, notifications, and Amazon Alexa support. 

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Pool only swim tracking.

    6 – Fossil Sport

    Fossil Sport
    Fossil Sport allows you to choose from a diverse range of colors.

    If Fossil has done anything, it is adding the “submersible or swim-proof” feature to all the latest smartwatches it has launched, only many of them do not seem to be the most appropriate for diving, otherwise it is the Fossil Sport.

    The sporty aspect of this watch will make you feel comfortable under water, you can have swim tracking from your own or third-party applications, the variety of metrics you receive is really interesting. Under water you will not have visibility problems since Fossil Sport has a large and pleasant touch screen.

    If you are a lover of Wear OS and love to swim, this watch is for you.  

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Swimming only in the pool.

    7 – Withings Steel HR

     Withings Steel HR - Waterproof Smart Watches
    Withings Steel HR is an aquatic hybrid smartwatch. 
    It does not lose the design of traditional watches and offers you swim tracking data from your training. 
    It is the cheapest watch on this list.

    Seventh place in our top of best submersible smartwatches is this hybrid watch that, although it does not have a full touch screen, offers good tracking of your swimming activity, also its cost is quite low compared to the other smartwatches on the list. 

    Withings Steel Hr is a hybrid smartwatch that offers you fitness tracker in a submersible smart analog watch body, and while you can’t take advantage of the optical heart rate monitor in the pool, the automatic tracking software works with precision.

    The metrics of your training are synchronized with the Withings Health Mate application on your smartphone and, best of all, the battery lasts 25 days, so you can record several swimming before having to recharge it, this feature makes us love Completely to the Steel HR hybrid smartwatch.

    If you’re looking for a hybrid smartwacth that looks good and includes swim tracking without offering overly specific metrics, the Steel HR is an option you might well consider.

    • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM (50m).
    • Swimming only in the pool. 

    Our two favorites are definitely the Garmin Vivoctive 4, as it is a very complete smartwatch that offers excellent data and, Withings Steel HR because it combines the intelligence of a smartwatch with the design of a traditional watch and also offers swim tracking and a battery which lasts 25 days.

    And what do you think of all those options, do you already have your favorite waterproof smartwatch?

    Frequent questions

    What is the difference between a water watch and a waterproof watch?

    A waterproof watch is a waterproof watch that will not be damaged by light splashes, some waterproof watches can even withstand rain, but not the shower water day after day. On the contrary, the water clocks can be submerged and used for swimming training in swimming pools or open waters and has the function of providing data on your training under water. Some water clocks can be used for diving.

    What does 5ATM water resistance mean?

    Water clocks with this feature are fully waterproof and withstand everyday splashes, shower water and shallow swimming. They are not suitable for deep dives or diving.

    If my watch has 50m water resistance, can I dive up to 50 meters?

    No, this indicator does not have to do with the actual meters of the dive. The water resistance tests that are done in the laboratories are static, so when you dive you generate higher water pressure due to the movements your arms make when swimming, so the water pressure will increase and your watch will not resist. Our recommendation is that you adhere to the rules of use of your watch, if you are going to swim more deeply buy a watch with greater resistance.

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