Best OfThe best gaming smartphones in 2020

The best gaming smartphones in 2020


Ranking with the best gaming smartphones, tested by NUpgrade in the Roda Liso program. See how many FPS each phone picks up in each game.

In 2020 we created a list of the best gaming smartphones based on all tests of the program Straight Wheel, where we analyze the main games of cells in the devices that manufacturers send us to test.

The difference between our list and other sites is precisely the complete test that we do with each smartphone. Here at NUpgrade, we tested a list of 10 gamesArena of Valor, ARK, Asphalt 9, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Injustice 2, PES 2020, PUBG Mobile, Standoff 2 and Shadowgun Legends. Besides, of course, check if Fortnite also runs.

What are the best gaming smartphones?

We bring in this list, separated by game, the best smartphones for games. This list is updated as we test new smartphones. Not everyone that we have tested will be here on the list, as there are some that have been tested for a long time and we were unable to redo with the most updated game apps, so in 2020 we start with this list below and will increase them as we test the new cell phones that appear in the year 2020.

Ranking Arena Of Valor

Here are the results of Arena of Valor on mobile phones. The RPG game we reviewed.

1Xiaomi MI 956,000601002: 30h40.3ºC
2Xiaomi Redmi Note 856,000601004: 50h40.3ºC
3Huawei nova 5T56,000601004: 40h39ºC
4Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s56,000601005:40 am35ºC
5LG G8s ThinQ56,000601004: 30hx
6Huawei P30 Pro56,0006010010: 52hx
7Motorola Moto G8 Plus56,000601005: 10amx
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro56,000601004:00 am41.4ºC
9Samsung Galaxy A8056,000601004: 40hx
10ASUS ROG Phone II56,000601005:50 amx
11Motorola One Zoom56,000601006: 15hx
12ASUS Zenfone 656,00060100n / dx
13Motorola One Macro56,000601005:00 am39.1ºC
14LG G8X ThinQ56,000601006:00 am41ºC
15Samsung Galaxy Note 10+56,000601005: 30h42ºC
16Motorola Moto G8 Play55,94060994: 10am38ºC
17Xiaomi Redmi Note 755,94060994: 50hx
18Motorola One Hyper55,94060995: 20h40ºC
19Multilaser H55,800581004: 30h41ºC
20Samsung Galaxy A7046,000601005:40 am41ºC

ARK Survival Evolved Ranking

The ranking results of the game ARK. The action / adventure game we tested.

1ASUS ROG Phone II52,91030974:00 amx
2Huawei nova 5T52,88030964:00 am39ºC
3Huawei P30 Pro52,88030964: 02hx
4LG G7 ThinQ52,88030964:00 amx
5Xiaomi MI 952,75529951: 40h40.3ºC
6ASUS Zenfone 552,67030895: 10amx
7Samsung Galaxy Note 10+52,25025903: 50h42ºC
8LG G8X ThinQ52,16024904:00 am41ºC
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s51,93221924: 20h35ºC
10Multilaser H51,41015944:00 am41ºC
11Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro51,31216824: 30h41.4
12Xiaomi Redmi Note 850,97911894:00 am40.3ºC
13Motorola One Macro50,97212813: 50h39.1ºC
14Motorola One Hyper50,91010914: 50h41ºC
15Samsung Galaxy A7050,72012606: 50h41ºC
16Motorola Moto G8 Play11,34020673: 50h36ºC

Ranking Asphalt 9

The ranking of the racing game we tested:

1ASUS ROG Phone II55,56858964: 20hx
2Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro53,000301004: 30h41.4ºC
3Xiaomi MI 953,000301003: 20h40.3ºC
4Huawei nova 5T53,000301005:45 am39ºC
5Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s53,000301005: 30h35
6LG G8X ThinQ53,000301005:00 am41ºC
7Multilaser H53,000301004: 20h42ºC
8Samsung Galaxy Note 10+53,000301005: 20h42ºC
9Samsung Galaxy A5052,97030994: 20hx
10Motorola One Action52,97030994: 30hx
11ASUS Zenfone 652,9703099n / dx
12ASUS Zenfone 5Z52,97030993: 39hx
13Samsung Galaxy Note 952,97030994:00 amx
14ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2)52,94030987: 50hx
15Samsung Galaxy A8052,91030974: 10amx
16Huawei P30 Lite52,85030956:00 amx
17Motorola Moto G8 Play52,43629843: 50h34ºC
18Motorola One Macro52,10028754: 20h39.1ºC
19Motorola One Hyper51,87525755: 20h41ºC
20Samsung Galaxy A7051,44018806: 10am41ºC
21Xiaomi Redmi Note 851,12016704:00 am40.3ºC

Call of Duty Mobile Ranking

The now-played Call of Duty is part of our testing base.

1Huawei nova 5T56,000601005:00 am39ºC
2Motorola Moto Z2 Force56,000601003: 40hx
3Huawei P30 Pro56,000601005: 15hx
4ASUS Zenfone 5Z56,000601004:00 amx
5ASUS Zenfone 656,00060100n / dx
6ASUS ROG Phone II56,000601004: 20hx
7LG G8s ThinQ56,000601004: 50hx
8LG G8X ThinQ56,000601005: 20h41ºC
9Samsung Galaxy Note 10+55,940591004: 40h42ºC
10Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s55,900591003: 15h32ºC
11Samsung Galaxy A8055,700571003: 30hx
12Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro55,54659944: 20h41.4ºC
13Xiaomi MI 955,54659944: 20h40.3ºC
14Multilaser H55,18454963: 40h42ºC
15Motorola One Hyper53,74439964:00 am41ºC
16Motorola One Zoom53,64040914: 07h41ºC
17Xiaomi Redmi Note 853,61038954: 15h40.3ºC
18Motorola Moto G8 Plus53,15035904: 10am40ºC
19Samsung Galaxy A7051,40020705:50 am41ºC
20Motorola One Macro44,92953933: 10am39.1ºC
21Motorola Moto G8 Play43,45648723: 55h38ºC

Free Fire Ranking

Free Fire is one of the most played games worldwide, here is the list:

1Samsung Galaxy Note 10+56,000601004: 50h42ºC
2Xiaomi MI 956,000601003:00 am40.3ºC
3Huawei nova 5T56,000601004:00 am39ºC
4ASUS Zenfone 656,00060100n / dx
5ASUS ROG Phone II56,000601004: 35hx
6LG G8s ThinQ56,000601004: 30hx
7LG G8X ThinQ56,000601005:50 am41ºC
8Samsung Galaxy Note 955,94060996: 20hx
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s55,900591004: 20h35ºC
10ASUS Zenfone 455,82060972: 40hx
11ASUS Zenfone 5Z55,76060965:41 amx
12Xiaomi Pocophone F155,72359974: 6 amx
13Motorola Moto G7 Power55,62658976:30 amx
14Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro55,600561004:00 am41.4ºC
15Samsung Galaxy A5055,33658926: 20hx
16Multilaser H54,88856984: 10am41ºC
17Motorola One Macro53,56943833: 45h31.9ºC
18Motorola Moto G8 Play53,15042753: 50h39ºC
19Xiaomi Redmi Note 853,04538874:00 am40.3ºC
20Motorola One Hyper52,70030904:00 am42ºC
21Samsung Galaxy A7051,90025767: 30h41ºC

Injustice 2 Ranking

Injustice 2 is the fighting game that we put to the test in 2020:

1Samsung Galaxy Note 10+56,000601005:50 am42ºC
2LG G8X ThinQ56,000601007:00 am41ºC
3Xiaomi MI 955,70060953: 30h40.3ºC
4Multilaser H55,64060944: 20h41ºC
5Xiaomi Redmi Note 854,50050904:00 am40.3ºC
6Samsung Galaxy A7053,82545856: 20h41ºC
7Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s52,97030995: 10am35ºC
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro52,94030985:00 am41.4ºC
9Huawei nova 5T52,94030984: 40h39ºC
10Motorola One Hyper52,94042703: 50h40ºC
11Motorola One Macro52,55030854: 30h31.9ºC
12Motorola Moto G8 Play52,49030834: 20h38ºC

PES 2020 Ranking

Pes 2020 is the game of football, or sports, which is also played a lot:

1Xiaomi MI 956,000601003: 15h40.3ºC
2Huawei nova 5T56,000601003: 45h39ºC
3ASUS ROG Phone II56,000601005:45 amx
4LG G8s ThinQ56,000601003: 50hx
5Samsung Galaxy Note 956,000601006: 36hX
6Samsung Galaxy Note 10+55,940591004: 20h42ºC
7Huawei P30 Pro55,94060998: 5 pmx
8LG G8X ThinQ55,94060994: 50h41ºC
9LG G7 ThinQ55,88060983: 30hx
10Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s55,800581004: 25h32ºC
11Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro55,000551003: 45h41.4ºC
12Xiaomi Redmi Note 854,18044953: 45h40.3ºC
13Multilaser H54,12843963: 40h41ºC
14Motorola Moto G8 Plus54,09244934: 30h40ºC
15Motorola One Hyper53,26733993: 10am42ºC
16Samsung Galaxy A7052,56527956:30 am41ºC
17Motorola One Macro52,56534933: 30h39.1ºC
18ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2)52,484279211: 30hx
19Motorola Moto G8 Play52,37633723: 30h38ºC
20Samsung Galaxy A8052,34030783: 10amx

PUBG Mobile Ranking

PUBG is a phenomenon, here is the list of the best phones to play it on:

1ASUS ROG Phone II56,000601005: 06h
2LG G8s ThinQ56,000601004: 15hx
3ASUS Zenfone 656,00060100n / dx
4Xiaomi MI 955,94060993:00 am40.3ºC
5ASUS Zenfone 5Z55,94060995: 06hx
6Xiaomi Pocophone F155,94060993: 40hx
7LG G8X ThinQ55,94060994: 50h41ºC
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro54,500451003: 50h41.4ºC
9Samsung Galaxy Note 954,27545954: 15hx
10Samsung Galaxy Note 10+54,000401004: 30h42ºC
11Huawei nova 5T54,000401004:00 am39ºC
12Huawei P30 Pro54,00060995: 20hx
13Motorola One Zoom52,91030973: 40h41ºC
14Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s43,000301005: 30h33ºC
15Motorola Moto G8 Play42,97030993: 35h40ºC
16Multilaser H42,97030994: 20h42ºC
17Motorola One Hyper42,97030993: 45h42ºC
18Xiaomi Redmi Note 842,700271004: 30h40.3ºC
19Motorola Moto G8 Plus42,600261003: 50h40ºC
20Motorola One Macro32,79030933: 45h39.1ºC
21Samsung Galaxy A7032,69729935: 30h41ºC

Standoff Ranking 2

Standoff 2 is CS: GO for cell phones. See the tested phones:

1ASUS ROG Phone II56,37065984: 45hx
2Samsung Galaxy Note 10+56,000601005: 20h42ºC
3Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro56,000601004: 50h41.4ºC
4Xiaomi MI 956,000601003: 10am40.3ºC
5Xiaomi Redmi Note 856,000601004: 10am40.3ºC
6Huawei nova 5T56,000601004: 50h39ºC
7Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s56,000601005:50 am35ºC
8Xiaomi Pocophone F156,000601004: 40hx
9LG G8s ThinQ56,000601004: 50hx
10Huawei P30 Pro56,000601006: 22hx
11Samsung Galaxy A8056,000601004: 30hx
12ASUS Zenfone 656,00060100n / dx
13Motorola One Macro56,000601004: 10am39.1ºC
14Multilaser H56,000601004: 50h41ºC
15Motorola Moto G8 Plus55,94060994: 20h40ºC
16Motorola One Zoom55,94060994: 50h41ºC
17Huawei P30 Lite55,94060995: 10amx
18LG G8X ThinQ55,94060996:30 am41ºC
19Motorola One Hyper55,94099993: 40h40ºC
20Motorola Moto G8 Play55,46060994: 30h37ºC
21Samsung Galaxy A7054,95050997:00 am41ºC

Shadowgun Legends Ranking

A very heavy shooting game that challenges all smartphones:

1Huawei nova 5T55,940591002: 30h40ºC
2Xiaomi MI 955,82060971: 50h40.3ºC
3ASUS ROG Phone II55,76064905: 30hx
4ASUS Zenfone 655,3585794n / dx
5LG G8X ThinQ54,84557854: 10am41ºC
6LG G8s ThinQ54,42052853: 40hx
7Samsung Galaxy Note 10+54,41045984:00 am42ºC
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 754,40050884: 10amx
9Samsung Galaxy A5053,60040905:00 amx
10Motorola One Action53,60045804:05 amx
11Samsung Galaxy A8053,04535873: 35hx
12Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro53,00040754:00 am41.4ºC
13Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s52,49632784:00 am35ºC
14Motorola One Macro52,44834723: 30h39.1ºC
15Multilaser H52,35631763: 40h42ºC
16Motorola One Zoom52,00025804: 10am41ºC
17Motorola One Hyper51,78521853: 30h41ºC
18Motorola Moto G8 Play51,62428585:05 am38ºC
19Samsung Galaxy A7051,44018806: 20h41ºC
20Xiaomi Redmi Note 851,20016754:00 am40.3ºC

Which tested smartphones run Fortnite?

#SmartphonesMinimum FPSMaximum FPSResol.Graph.Wheel
1Xiaomi MI 94860100MaximumWheel
2Samsung Galaxy Note 10+3759100MaximumWheel
3LG G8X ThinQ3030100MaximumWheel
4Huawei nova 5T2830100MaximumWheel
5Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s2230100MediumWheel
6Samsung Galaxy A70213075LowWheel
7Xiaomi Redmi Note 82030100MediumWheel
8Multilaser H1630100MediumWheel
9Motorola One Hyper1630100LowWheel
10Motorola Moto G8 Play000No Wheel
11Motorola One Macro000No Wheel

How does scoring work?

The points are classified by the maximum graphic quality that the cell phone can achieve. This is the first digit of the dots:

  • 5 – maximum graphic quality
  • 4 – high graphic quality
  • 3 – average graphic quality
  • 2 – low graphic quality
  • 1 – minimal graphic quality

Immediately after having defined the graphic quality, the amount of FPS * multiplies the stability of the FPS.


  • If a smartphone reaches maximum graphic quality and makes 60 FPS at 100%, it will be 5 (graphic quality) 60 * 100 = 6000, so the score is 56000.
  • If a smartphone reaches average graphics quality and makes 30 FPS at 95%, it will be 3 (graphics quality) 30 * 95 = 2850, so the score is 32850.

Keep following our ranking here, it will be updated throughout the year.

How are the tests done?

The best gaming smartphones in 2020 - Statistics data is captured using the GameBench Pro app

Statistics data is captured using the GameBench Pro app, currently the best tool on the market for capturing this type of data. See more about GameBench Pro, click here and browse their website.

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