Best OfThe best TWS wireless headphones of 2020

The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020


The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020

There is currently a wide variety of models of True Wireless headphones. To guide you in choosing the best TWS phone, a list was created, divided by the most relevant categories, according to the user’s activities.

Due to the increasing number of releases of True Wireless (TWS) headphones each year, many people end up being lost when it comes to analyzing models. With this in mind, in order to better target the choices, a list of prominent models in the market was created.

The choice was based on reviews from several specialized critic sites in the area, so keep in mind that it is not a definitive list. You, the reader, must also research the TWS headphones that most caught your attention so that it is possible to get close to the right choice.

However, before starting the list, I believe it is necessary to expose some points that surround the theme of True Wireless headphones as the reason that TWS headphones are so expensive, as they are chosen according to the user’s activity and the importance of a good fit.

Why are True (Truly) Wireless (TWS) headphones so expensive?

The reason TWS headphones are expensive is because of the technology embedded in them. Unlike wired headsets that have only one driver inside the house (body of the phone), a True Wireless phone has an integrated card with Bluetooth receiver, DAC (digital to the analog signal converter), amp (amplifier to amplify the analog signal ), a processor to decompress the audio signal of the codec used, sensors to detect when the headset is removed from the ear, a battery to make the system work, among other parts.

The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 - Sennhseir Momentum True Wireless
The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 – Sennhseir Momentum True Wireless

If the phone still has active noise cancellation (ANC or Active Noise Canceling), it will still have to have internal and external microphones, in addition to a processor dedicated to perceiving the frequencies that must be canceled or not. That is, it is not surprising that the cost of a Truly Wireless is considerably higher than a wired headset and for this reason, it is extremely difficult to find TWS headphones that have sound quality comparable to headphones with cable of the same value.

True (Truly) Wireless headphones (TWS) and the type of user activity

Before we analyze the price of a True Wireless headset, we must first analyze what type of activity it will be used for and in what way, as everything will depend on what you want and what weight you give to certain characteristics. It is necessary to think, for example, that for use at home and at times on the street there is a TWS that fits better, for those who exercise, this same choice may not fit so well.

If the person needs a headset to perform physical activities, the ideal is to look for a Truly Wireless that has IPX4 certification, which ensures that the device is resistant to sweat and splashing water. In addition, you have to analyze how firm the True Wireless will be in the person’s ear so that he does not have any unforeseen circumstances during his training. 

Even the type of material makes a difference in this case because if the surface of the earpiece (body) is slippery, there is a chance that the earpiece will escape through sweaty fingers when making the pincer movement when removing it from the ear or fitting, being thus, a rubberized body in the region close to where the phone fits in the ear is an interesting feature to have.

The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 - Bose Soundsport Free True Wireless
The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 – Bose Soundsport Free True Wireless

For people who have a busy day and sometimes have their hands full, it is interesting to look for TWS headphones that have a voice assistant to perform commands without having to touch the smartphone. Another essential point for this type of audience is a microphone and a system that can process sound by removing unwanted noises so that you can make a phone call with clear, crisp, clean audio.

There are also those who want a moment of silence, without anyone disturbing them while listening to their music. For these, the active noise cancellation functionality (ANC or Active Noise Canceling) in True Wireless headphones would be the most suitable. This way, the user will enjoy music better and at the same time be able to focus more efficiently on what needs to be done.

But if you don’t need any of the attributes mentioned above and just want to listen to music with more practicality in your daily life, there is no need to invest so much in the most expensive models, but in what will really suit you best. The only thing that may influence here is perhaps the sound that the headset has, its signature sound, which may or may not please you, depending on the model.

The importance of a good fit of True (Truly) Wireless headphones (TWS) in our ears

A fundamental point that few people pay attention to is the interaction between eartips/tips/erasers (in in-ear headphones), foams/covers (in earbud headphones), and pads (in supra-aural and circumaural headphones ) with our ears. There are several aspects that make the sound of our headphones change. 

List of the best True (Truly) Wireless (TWS) phones of 2020

The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 - Illustrative image of True Wireless headphones
The best TWS wireless headphones of 2020 – Illustrative image of True Wireless headphones

Without further ado, some models of True Wireless headphones were selected based on various analyzes on the internet from trusted sites. This choice was made using the knowledge of headphones I have, in an attempt to prioritize greater quality combined with a good price. This was necessary due to the high price needed to acquire countless TWS headphones (which are expensive in nature) and to make a detailed analysis of each one, I hope you still like the choices.

Attention: True Wireless headphones are ordered by price and not by quality (top best and bottom worst). That is, if a phone is at the top, it does not mean that it is the best in the category.

Best TWS between $ 250 and $ 300

  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ($ 300)
  • Airpods Pro ($ 249)

Best TWS between $ 100 and $ 200

  • Sony WF-1000XM3 ($ 198)
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless ($ 183)
  • Mali Kuba ($ 156 or $ 699.00)
  • Sony WF-XB700 ($ 130)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus ($ 130)
  • Edifier TWS NB ($ 120)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds ($ 105)
  • Edifier TWS6 True Wireless ($ 102)

Best TWS between $ 50 and $ 100

  • Creative Outlier Gold ($ 99)
  • Shanling MTW100 ($ 89)
  • Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 ($ 80)
  • Aiwa Prodigy Air ($ 70)
  • Fiil T1XS ($ 70)
  • 20Decebel TWS ($ 70)
  • Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 ($ 64)
  • Fiil T1X ($ 60)
  • Whizzer B6 ($ 54)

Best TWS between $ 25 and $ 50

  • Bomaker Sifi ($ 50)
  • Enacfire E60 ($ 40)
  • Tranya T3 ($ 40)
  • UiiSii TWS60 ($ 36)
  • HAYLOU T19 ($ 34)
  • Mpow M30 ($ 33)
  • Tronsmart Spunky Beat ($ 30)

Best TWS up to $ 25

  • SoundPEATS TrueDot ($ 25)
  • Edifier X3 ($ 25)
  • QCY T5 ($ 20)
  • Alien Secret QCC010 ($ 21)
  • Tronsmart Onyx Neo ($ 21)
  • Ugreen CM388 ($ 25)

Best TWS with ANC

  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ($ 300)
  • Apple Airpods Pro ($ 249)
  • Master & Dynamic MW07 ($ 238)
  • Sony WF-1000XM3 ($ 198)
  • Edifier TWS NB ($ 120)
  • Amazon Echo Buds ($ 89)
  • MoreMore True Wireless ($ 60)
  • Mobvoi Ticpods Free ($ 50)

Better TWS earbuds (alternative to in-ears / in-ear)

  • Fiil CC ($ 68)
  • Xiaomi Airdots Pro II ($ 50)
  • Edifier TWS200 ($ 48)
  • Sabbat X12 Pro Earbuds ($ 45)
  • SoundPEATS TrueAir Earbuds ($ 32)
  • Earbuds SoundPEATS Truebuds ($ 35)
  • QCY T3 ($ 27)
  • Tiso iX ($ 27)
  • Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE ($ 27)
  • Microsoft Surface Earbuds ($ 249) – It’s going through the FCC, it hasn’t been released yet;

Best TWS alternatives to Airpods

  • B&O Beoplay E8 ($ 242)
  • Sennheiser Momentum ($ 183)
  • Sony WF-1000XM3 ($ 198)
  • ATH-CKS5TW ($ 150)
  • Edifier TWS NB ($ 120)
  • Klipsch T5 True Wireless ($ 116)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds ($ 105)
  • Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 ($ 100)

Best TWS for Exercises

  • Airpods Pro ($ 249)
  • Bose Soundsport Free ($ 200)
  • Jabra Elite 75t ($ 180)
  • Jlab Jbuds Air Icon ($ 59)

Best TWS for phone calls

  • Airpods Pro ($ 250)
  • Jabra Elite 65 ($ 139)
  • Edifier TWS NB2 ($ 82)
  • Sabbat E12 Ultra ($ 80)
  • Fiil T1X ($ 69)
  • Edifier TWS5 ($ 64)
  • Soundcore Life P2 ($ 54)
  • Oppo Enco W51 ($ 54)
  • Edifier TWS200 ($ 53)
  • QCY T5 ($ 28)
  • SoundPEATS TrueDot ($ 26)
  • Tronsmart Onyx Neo ($ 25)

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What did you think of the article and the list of True Wireless headphones created? Comment below, leave your opinion and/or contribution to make the ranking of nominations even better!

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