NewsThe Experimental mode in Overwatch tests buffs and nerfs...

The Experimental mode in Overwatch tests buffs and nerfs on your heroes


The experimental mode in Overwatch did a great job of allowing fan feedback to be part of the game’s changes. The latest version of the mode brings some buffs and nerfs for the main heroes.

Hoping to further balance the game, Blizzard is once again experiencing new changes to the Experimental mode in Overwatch.

In particular, the changes affect the characters Genji, Hanzo, Echo and Moira. Here are possible changes to active servers coming soon.


The changes hope to make Genji a viable choice again. Some of the nerfs include an increase in shuriken damage from 28 to 30 and their secondary fire spread reduced from 12 to 9.

Perhaps the biggest change made to Genji is with regard to his dodging ability. In addition to an increase in duration from 1.5 to 2 seconds, the deviation can now be canceled automatically.


In January, Hanzo was nerf ado to reduce the damage of your skill Storm Arrow . Since they were implemented, the changes have made Hanzo a less viable hero to play with.

Changes being tested in the Experimental mode in Overwatch will reverse the nerf. Storm Arrow’s damage will now be back to 70 after dropping 60. This change hopes to put Hanzo on an equal footing with Ashe in terms of Overwatch blast damage.


For Echo, his distance from the focus beam was changed from 20 to 16 meters. Although the change may be small, it will be a significant nerf, as it will force players using the Echo character to use the skill more wisely.

It is currently one of the most damaging skills in the game and, with the changes, more skill will be needed to take effect.


Moira received nerf in her primary skills. Your Biotic Grasp has now increased healing from 65 to 70. If players use Biotic Grasp to deal damage, players will experience a slight decrease as it has been reduced from 50 to 40.

One of the biggest problems that players have with Moira is that players use it to do damage instead of healing. As a support hero, Moira always intended to heal.

These new changes to the Experimental mode in Overwatch are now available on Overwatch. If players like how the game will look with such changes, they will likely stay in the game indefinitely.

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