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The first Xbox Series X games surprise in their technical characteristics


Microsoft has shared the technical characteristics of the first Xbox Series X games. It is surprising that Dirt 5 reaches 120 FPS.

Microsoft already introduced the first Xbox Series X games wave that will debut on the Xbox X Series. However, during the broadcast, they preferred not to delve into technical details of each title, until today. Those of Redmond published a list with the characteristics of all the proposals shown yesterday. Of course, the document leaves exposed the potential of the console, which will even be able to reach 120 images per second.

Also, the company clarified which will have support for Smart Delivery. This technology, patented by Microsoft, allows recognizing the console in which it is being played to adapt the game and obtain the maximum possible performance. Obviously, this will be used in the titles that will be launched in the two generations. An example is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which although it will also come to Xbox One, will exploit all its graphic performance on the Xbox Series X. The best thing is that you will not have to buy it twice to have it on both consoles.

Dirt 5 boasts 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

The most surprising case, without a doubt, is that of Dirt 5 , since the new Codemasters proposal will be able to reach 120 frames per second. However, it was not clarified whether it will maintain 4K resolution or decrease to 1080. Most likely, the driving title will have to step down to the Full HD stage in order to offer such a high frame rate. Of course, its default setting will be 4K at 60 FPS . It will be up to the player to activate 120 FPS as long as the television – or monitor – can support it.

Another interesting detail is that the vast majority of games boast the “Optimized for Xbox Series X” emblem. What does it mean? It means that the developers made adjustments to take advantage of the new hardware and its technologies. The interesting thing is that it is not just an increase in resolution. In some cases, you will see support for Rey Tracing, better textures, global lighting, and an increased frame rate.

the first Xbox Series X games characteristics

Optimized for Xbox Series XSmart Delivery4KHDRFPS
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaYesYesYesYesUnannounced
Bright Memory: InfiniteYesUnannouncedYesUnannounced60 FPS
Call of the seaYesYesYesYes60 FPS
ChorusYesYesYesUnannounced60 FPS
Dirt 5YesYesYesUnannounced60/120 FPS
Gears 5YesYesYesYes60 FPS
Scarlet NexusYesYesYesUnannouncedUnannounced
ScornYesUnannouncedYesUnannounced60 FPS
Second ExtinctionYesYesUnannouncedUnannouncedUnannounced
The AscentYesYesYesYes60 FPS
The MediumYesUnannouncedYesUnannouncedUnannounced
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2YesYesUnannouncedUnannouncedUnannounced
Yakuza: Like a DragonYesYesUnannouncedUnannouncedUnannounced

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