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    Twitter: Mark Zuckerberg believes that this social network should allow fake news like Facebook does


    Twitter constantly tries to fight disinformation, but Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to like this and decided to talk about it.

    On Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and all social networks, disinformation is something of every day. Fake news is shared at incredible speed, and fighting those who want people to be misinformed seems like a daunting task .

    That is why Twitter continues to try to fight against disinformation within its platform, which seems not to resonate with the beliefs of Mark Zuckerberg, who has not hesitated to criticize this social network for its way of attacking fake news .

    That doesn’t speak very well of Facebook

    It is well known that Facebook has a few very strict policies where you cannot even write “Xbox One Control Black” without being labeled as racist and prevented from posting for three days .

    Twitter Mark Zuckerberg believes that this social network should allow fake news like Facebook

    So when Mark Zuckerberg criticizes the censorship that Twitter tries to carry out to eradicate fake news, it really seems very hypocritical on his part .

    “I think we have a different policy than Twitter on this. I firmly believe that Faceebook should not be the judge of the truth of everything people say online. In general, private companies probably shouldn’t be, especially companies with platforms, shouldn’t be in a position to do that . ”

    This was said as a result of Twitter marking Donald Trump’s profile as an account that shares false news and disinformation. Which makes it very clear to us the policies of Facebook in relation to all this, which could be summarized as follows: as long as the politicians pay him, they can misinform as many people as they want on their platform .

    Of course, do not try to sell a pair of black shoes on Facebook because otherwise you will be offending someone and you run the risk of being censored and banned from this platform that supposedly does not want to judge anyone by what they publish .

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