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    Apple will make it easier for you to unlock your iPhone with Face ID when you wear a mask


    With iOS 13.5 it will be easier to unlock your iPhone with Face ID when you wear a mask. The system will automatically jump to the unlock with a security code.

    Health authorities around the world are recommending the use of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. However, smartphones with a facial unlock system are having some complications to recognize people’s covered faces, a completely normal situation. In order to solve the above problem, Apple is making some modifications to iOS to make your life easier without ignoring health measures.

    The iOS 13.5 * beta, available today for developers, recognizes when the user wears a mask, allowing them to skip the Face ID and instead unlock it using the security code . The process, of course, is fully automatic; If you are not wearing a Face ID mask it will work as usual. Undoubtedly, this is a feature that millions of people will appreciate. Of course, we will have to wait a few weeks for the final version.

    iOS will recognize your mask and quickly jump to the unlock by security code

    Apple will make it easier for you to unlock your iPhone with Face ID when you wear a mask

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    Guilherme Rambo, the collaborator of 9to5Mac, has shown the novelty on video. However, in the recording, it is not possible to observe the numerical keyboard because for security reasons the code entered is not recorded. Robert Petersen, meanwhile, shared a screenshot of the code unlock. You can see that it even offers you the option to return to Face ID.

    Before the described solution, people had to fail to unlock your iPhone with Face ID when you wear a mask to enter the numeric keypad. Others preferred to reset the sensor settings and scan the face from scratch. It was found that wearing a mask in half — during the setup process — was sufficient for Face ID to recognize it in full later. In fact, the second alternative will continue to be ideal for those who do not want to resort to the security code.

    Apple, like other tech giants, is making efforts to fight the coronavirus. Their most outstanding proposal, and which they continue to develop together with Google, is the coronavirus contact tracking system. Thanks to Bluetooth they will be able to determine if you were close to – or in contact with – an infected person. The goal is for each country to take advantage of this tool and integrate it into its own health applications, both on iOS and Android.

    However, it will depend on the authorities of your country to warn you of the possible contagion. The beta of iOS 13.5 already integrates the first version of your system, but it is necessary for the user to authorize it manually through Settings. In the next, we can see if the adoption meets the expectations of Apple and Google.

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