SCIENCE What exactly is Airplane Mode; What Does It Do?...

What exactly is Airplane Mode; What Does It Do? Here’s What You Need to Know …


What exactly is the airplane mode we see on all smartphones, what does it do? What can it do with airplane mode on; what can’t you do Everything you need to know about this airplane mode is inside …

What exactly is Airplane Mode - What Does It Do Here s What You Need to Know
What exactly is Airplane Mode – What Does It Do Here s What You Need to Know

Airplane mode is a special option we see on all smartphones. But what is this mode, namely airplane mode, indicated by an airplane icon? What exactly does airplane mode do? What can be done on a phone switched to airplane mode; what can’t we do

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode disables connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, especially your phone’s mobile connection. The name of this mode remained airplane mode, as most airlines prohibit mobile connection during flight. Whether mobile connections affect aircraft is a matter of debate, but always be on guard.

Does Airplane Mode Save Power?

Yes, airplane mode helps extend battery life. Connectivity components in your phone constantly consume power for operations such as alerts from applications, base station connection, location control. Since the airplane mode turns off all of these, both the battery life will be longer and your phone will be charged faster.

Is Wi-Fi Available in Airplane Mode?

Most phones allow you to connect to Wi-Fi networks in airplane mode. Of course, you will need to turn the Wi-Fi feature off when you activate the airplane mode. If your phone allows, after a few seconds you will see available Wi-Fi networks and be able to connect to whatever you want.

Most airlines now offer Wi-Fi connectivity on the fly. If this service is offered, you can connect to the internet by turning on Wi-Fi in airplane mode. Airplanes only allow Wi-Fi at altitudes of 3,000 meters, so be sure to keep Wi-Fi turned off during takeoff and landing.

Does Bluetooth Work in Airplane Mode?

The situation with Wi-Fi is also valid here. When you switch to airplane mode, Bluetooth is turned off but most phones allow you to turn Bluetooth back on. This way, you can pair your wireless headphones, keyboard and similar devices with your phone.

Does Airplane Mode Use Data?

No, because airplane mode prevents you from connecting to the mobile network. Of course, this situation will change if Wi-Fi is turned on, as we explained above.

Can You Play Games with Airplane Mode On?

Airplane mode can be useful if you hate advertisements in games. Enabling airplane mode during the game will ensure that ads are hidden in most games. However, this solution will not work for games that require a constant internet connection.

What if Alarms Keep Working?

Yes, your alarms will also work in airplane mode. Since alarms do not need an internet connection, they are not affected by airplane mode. You can even set an alarm with the Google Assistant in airplane mode.

Does Social Media Work in Airplane Mode?

It doesn’t work because social media sites work on the internet.

Does an SMS or Call Receive in Airplane Mode?

Since there is no connection with the mobile service in airplane mode, text message or call functions will not work. Your callers will be directed to voicemail, just like when your phone is turned off. You can receive text messages sent to you after turning on the phone.

How to Listen to Music in Airplane Mode?

Services like Spotify may not work offline, as they stream over the internet. If you have a paid Premium membership of Spotify, you can download the music to your phone so you can also listen to music in airplane mode.

If you don’t want to pay money, you can copy the music you own to your phone and listen to music.

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