Apple know what to expect from WWDC 2020: Intel-free Mac,...

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020: Intel-free Mac, new AirPods and more


    know what to expect from WWDC 2020: Intel-free Mac, new AirPods and more

    Event can also be a virtual stage for the launch of new iMac and iPads

    The WWDC 2020, worldwide developer conference of Apple, takes place next Monday (22) and will be fully online. The event brings the expectation for the arrival of several novelties, among them the official announcement of the end of the line for Intel chips in their computers, giving way to ARM processors, already used in iPhones and iPads for some time. In addition, the apple can present the new AirPods Studio, which would be the first top-of-the-line headphone of the brand.

    Other releases are also expected, such as the new iPad Mini and Air, an Apple TV 4K with more capacity, and an iMac with a design inspired by the Pro Display XR, a 6K monitor sold by the brand to be used with the Mac Pro. Check out these and more rumors of what may be revealed by Apple this Monday.

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 -
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020

    Intel leaves the scene?

    It is not today that rumors point to the use of Apple’s own processors on Macs, iMacs and MacBooks. More efficient, the A series models use ARM architecture and have been used successfully on iPhones and iPads for more than a decade. This time, the expectation is for the A14 chip, which should appear both in the next iPhones and in a version suitable for computers.

    The announcement during WWDC 2020 would allow hardware software development companies enough time to perform the platform migration. In addition, Apple’s own switch on the different computer lines would be gradual.

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – apple 16-inch macbook pro battery

    Apple’s philosophy of integrating hardware and software design greatly benefits from total control over the hardware. From a technical point of view, ARM processors are more energy efficient, which can mean MacBooks with longer battery life, or even Macs that don’t spend or heat up a lot. An eventual abandonment of Intel and the entire x86 architecture would represent a new phase for Apple, such as when the brand replaced IBM’s PowerPC processors in 2006.

    AirPods Studio

    Another product that may appear at the event is a new type of AirPods. With a modular design, the phone would have an over-ear design and would come with a modular proposal , that is, capable of replacing some components to have different types of use in the same product. With this, users could exchange one type of shell for another to practice exercises, for example. It is worth remembering that AirPods have been one of the most successful accessories of the apple in recent years .

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - AirPods Studio
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – AirPods Studio

    The handset would still have the same chip H1, present in phones like the latest AirPods the AirPods Pro and PowerBeats Pro, the Beats. The component allows quick connection to apple devices and Siri’s voice activation, without having to activate the assistant via a button. In theory, the product would have a more premium profile, something reinforced by the name “Studio”, and would be a direct competitor of Beats Studio3 Wireless.

    This time, the rumor gained even more strength after a tweet from Jon Prosser, creator of Frontpage Tech. He, who has already revealed apple launches in other situations, “confirmed” the name AirPods Studio and even included a possible value suggested by the product, which would be USD 349.

    New iMac

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - New iMac
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – New iMac

    Another product that can arrive is a new iMac. If the novelty is confirmed, it would be the first redesign of the line in years, adopting what the sources of rumors indicate as a language similar to that of the recent iPad Pro. In addition, the screen would come framed by thin borders, like the monitor Pro Display XDR.

    Another novelty of the iMac would be the end of Fusion drives, with versions only in SSD and also options with dedicated graphics cards from AMD. As the potential migration to ARM chips would be carried out in stages, the model would still come equipped with an Intel processor – probably from the manufacturer’s tenth generation.

    Apple TV 4K

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - Apple TV 4K
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – Apple TV 4K

    Apple’s TV Box may get an update with faster processors. Rumors point to A12X or A12Z chips, in addition to units with storage of 64 and 128 GB, replacing the current 32 or 64 GB. The change would be basically internal, maintaining the minimalist design of the Apple TV 4K. As for the remote control, there is not much information about what may be new.

    New HomePod

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - New HomePod
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – New HomePod

    Apple smart speakers can win major updates at WWDC 2020, with new models with more features and better integration for connected homes. The name is still a matter of dispute between the sources, but some say that the new product would be called HomePod 2.

    Another rumor indicates that Apple would also have a new version of the soundbox to compete with Echo Dot, the Amazon. Smaller and simpler, it would be called the HomePod Mini.

    iPad Air and iPad Mini

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - Intel-free Mac, new AirPods and more 5 - iPad Air and iPad Mini
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – iPad Air and iPad Mini

    News between tablets should also arrive, with updates for both models. The Air would gain visuals and features that would bring it closer to the latest iPad Pro, with FaceID technology for facial recognition, a screen with very small edges and straight sides. Already the iPad Mini would arrive with 8 inches, differentiating the tablet from smartphones with increasingly larger screens. In both cases, rumors indicate that the presentation should officialize the arrival of the products on the market in the second half.

    What’s new in operating systems

    Originally a software convention, WWDC 2020 should also feature news and announcements relevant to the various operating systems developed by Apple. Therefore, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, macOS 10.16, watchOS 14, and tvOS 14 should be revealed during the event. The main bets around cellphone and tablet systems indicate major changes to the home screen, in addition, to support for widgets. The new iOS 14 would also have built-in phone call recording, Safari with its own automatic translation, as well as new features in support of Apple Pencil.

    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 - Intel-free Mac, new AirPods and more 6
    know what to expect from WWDC 2020 – What’s new in operating systems

    MacOS may also win a new version this year, although information about the update is sparse. It is believed, however, that Apple could use WWDC to reveal new apps brought from iOS to the system. Regarding the operating system of Apple TVs, the news tends to be smaller, since the platform comes from a recent major revision. WatchOS, in turn, can gain resources to strengthen the independence of the iPhone, bet of the apple with each new generation of the Apple Watch.

    Source: Twitter ( 1 and 2 ), MacRumors ( 1 and 2 ), CNet , MacWorld

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