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Find out what’s new in Mi Band 5 compared to Mi Band 4


Find out everything that has been said about Xioami’s new smart band, Find out what’s new in Mi Band 5. Check out what’s different or new compared to Mi Band 4.

You may perhaps already be satisfied with what smart band Mi Band 4 of Xiaomi it currently offers, however, there are still features that are climates by the fans for the wearable that are not yet present. Apparently, according to rumors and leaks about the new generation of the smart bracelet, the Mi Band 5, the Chinese gadget developer has fulfilled most of its audience’s requests.

Global NFC for approach payments

The first most requested function is the NFC to make payments in transport services, in stores, shopping malls, gas stations, among other places. Previously the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 even had a version with this functionality, however it was restricted only to the Chinese market, although, strangely, the company recently announced that it will make available on the market the version of the Mi Band 4 with NFC on the 16th global. 

According to the information, the global NFC function will initially come with support only for the Mastercard credit card banner, but that there will later be integration with Visa, Google Pay and PayPal.

Find out what's new in Mi Band 5 compared to Mi Band 4 - Global NFC for approach payments
Find out what’s new in Mi Band 5 compared to Mi Band 4 – Global NFC for approach payments

Larger 1.2 “screen

In fact, this is not an order, but a trend for all mobile devices. More and more devices are gaining thinner edges and making better use of the surface for better visualization of information. The Mi Band 5 will come with a 1.2 “screen (against the 0.95” display of the Mi Band 4).

This novelty can be useful if we think about displaying more information at the same time on a single screen, without the need to alternate between functions to check the progress of some activity, for example. In addition, it will of course also facilitate the reading of texts from messages synchronized with smartphone applications.

SpO2 heart rate measurement

Something that caught our attention when it appeared on some smartwaches is the measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This functionality allows the user to be aware of the state of his breathing during the exercises. In addition, the functionality can allow the detection of some respiratory deficiency such as asthma, pneumonia, emphysema or even heart failure or neurological diseases.

Evidently, the sensor responsible for measuring blood oxygen saturation is not as accurate as medical equipment dedicated to this, in addition to not providing enough information to diagnose any health problem. For this reason, it is indicated that if an abnormality in oxygen levels is perceived, the correct thing to do is to go to the nearest health unit for an appointment with the doctor or nurse.

Integration with Alexa virtual assistant

Apparently, Mi Band 5 will have support for Alexa virtual assistant and may be in the global version of the smartband. However, as it is not expected to have a loudspeaker on a device of this size, the communication process will be carried out through text with the smartphone performing all the processing. That is, the answer that the virtual assistant will give, will be in written form instead of conventional audio.

World Clock

A function that is not so requested, but that is lacking for some is the world clock, which allows the user to use more than one time on his smart band.

Find out what's new in Mi Band 5 compared to Mi Band 4 - World Clock
Find out what’s new in Mi Band 5 compared to Mi Band 4 – World Clock

More sports activities

In Mi Band 5 Xiaomi will implement more sports activities to be measured using the smartband. They are: elliptical machine, rowing machine, indoor cycling, skipping rope and Yoga.

Do not disturb function

According to the information collected by the tizenhelp website, unfortunately Mi Band 5 users will still not be able to receive calls via the smartband. However, it will be possible to reject calls or mute a call. With the personalized do not disturb function, the user will be able to adjust the time he wishes not to be disturbed by messages or calls while he is, for example, working or sleeping.

Stress meter

The smartband will probably use the heart rate meter added to the blood oxygen saturation here and will analyze the oscillations over a certain period to tell if the user is stressed or not.

Availability and release

The announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smart band will take place on June 11 and will start selling on the 18th of the same month.

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