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Xiaomi Amazfit Ares, 13 days of autonomy, GPS and 70 different sports in one of the most resistant watches of the brand


A new Amazfit model has arrived, the Xiaomi Amazfit Ares is presented as the most resistant watch of the brand . It comes with a respectable battery, monitoring of up to seventy different sports, integrated GPS or 5ATM water resistance among other features. With its more rugged appearance it is a smart watch specially designed for outdoor sports.

Huami, a brand financed by Xiaomi, adds to its catalog of smart devices this new Amazfit Ares watch that joins previous ones such as the Amazfit GTS, the Amazfit T-Rex, or the recently presented Amazfit X sports bracelet. Let’s see some of its characteristics.

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares, 13 days of autonomy

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares datasheet

Gorilla 3rd Gen 1.28 inch screen.
DIMENSIONS46.5 x 55.6 x 14mm
DRUMS200 mAh (duration 13 days)
RESISTANCE5 ATM (immersion in water at 50 meters)
SOFTWAREAmazfit OS, compatible with Android 5 and iOS 10 or higher
Optical Biosecurity Sensor PPG
Activity and Sleep

A more “robust” style where resistance prevails

One of the great differences of this Amazfit sports watch is its design, where robustness with thick frames prevails over elegant style . A silicone strap is added to its polycarbonate body and they indicate that it is sealed to resist rain, sweat or even dives of up to 50 meters underwater.

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares A more robust style where resistance prevails

Without abandoning the design, the watch features thick side buttons to navigate and interact with the screen . Screen that shows considerably thick frames leaving a panel of just 1.28 inches.

Designed for outdoor sports, the watch has GPS and GLONASS to be able to position yourself and improve the monitoring of a sport without having to carry the phone as well. Additionally it measures other details of the races such as the height thanks to the built-in barometer.

The watch has a 13-day autonomy “in normal use” depending on the brand. They explain that this involves 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, three exercises per week of about 30 minutes and about 150 notifications a day. 

But hey, as always, you have to try it every day to see the real figures. Additionally, deactivating all the functions to turn it into a normal and current clock can last 90 days. Using the GPS continuously, the watch has an autonomy of 23 hours . It is certainly much more than other watches on the market.

Sports and health as main use

Regarding watch capabilities, Amazfit Ares boasts of being able to monitor up to 70 different sport modes. This is integrated with a kind of integrated personal trainer called FirstBEAT, which offers specialized analytics based on the data collected by the watch. Brands like Garmin, Huawei, or Sony already use it. Huami has also partnered with PAI Health, another system that assesses the user’s health based on data collected by the watch.

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares Sports and health as main use

Otherwise, the Amazfit Ares brings some characteristics of a smart watch such as notifications, full sleep monitoring or offline payments . The latter is not entirely clear if it is by NFC or other payment methods, since on the official website it appears using a QR code.

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares versions and prices

The Amazfit Ares comes in a single version. That is, there are no different sizes or various characteristics between different models. What we do have to choose are two different colors, on the one hand, Rock Black (black) and on the other Military Green (green).

Xiaomi Amazfit Ares versions and prices

Initially introduced in China, there are no official prices, nor is there a release date internationally or through authorized distributors. We will be attentive to your arrival in Spain or other markets.

More information | Huami

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